Thursday, 30 September 2010

Milan : Moschino Cheap & Chic

I love this lady-like chanel-esque jacket made playful with random plastic charms and beads in bright colours

More of my favourite... mixed prints in this ugly betty style pussy-bow shirt dress. I can really see Ugly Betty wearing this.

I would love to ruffle up the bottom of this pink dress. I love the lady looks, but in bright pastels to make it look younger.

GINGHAM SHORTS! I've been dreaming about these. Puffy ones too.  Perhaps they would be nicer in a smaller check. Also loving the bow detailing on the top. I like the white collar black top combo (as seen on marina and the diamonds) but i'm less sure about the cut work.

Happy models! I much prefer it when models are enjoying themselves instead of being serious, but then that could be because i prefer fun, playful fashion that brings out that side, where as serious fashion require serious modeling.

I think that the 'stuff' on this collection is rather like what a mermaid might find dropped in the sea with all the shells, corals and lil' fishes. This collection is mermaid-y but a very different sort of mermaid to the ones at Craig Laurence.

It was very different to the all american in spots and stripes collection that was white, black and red all over at Moschino's main line show.

LFW Day FIVE : Antipodium

A presentation from Antipodium. I like presentations with the models wandering about. You can see the way the clothes move, you can see the clothes up close and the models will pose for photos. At the Antipodium presentation the models walked to each corner then lined up.

The inspiration for the collection was a hothouse, and there were plants everywhere. The collection was in earthy neutral tones.

Antipodium's resident artist Craig Redman designed four prints for the collection including this cute graphic print featuring moths, butterflies, caterpillars and flowers. 

There were plenty of Antipodium's staple, shirt dress.

Nadia xx

Monday, 27 September 2010

Saturday, 25 September 2010

LFW : Betty Jackson

Betty Jackson....who's collection follows on from the previous seasons utilitarian feel, this time drawing inspiration from the women's land army. I really wanted to go to this show, and so did everyone else it seems, since there was a mad scramble at the entrance and I didn't get in. Afterwards everyone was talking about a 40's feel, which I would have loved. When I looked at the pictures I don't really see a 40s vibe at all. I actually think the collection is a little dull, uses too much brown for s/s and just plain isn't as good as last year. There are things I like, but nothing that makes me swoon.

The texture on these trousers is fantastic. I'd really like to ruffle them. However I'm not keen on the shade of brown.

 I don't usually like beige, but I really like this look.
I love the coral colour which is a key colour this season.

LFW : Giles

Neon geekery from the fun side of fashion... Giles.

 Amazing fair isle knits. I actually have a cardigan from topshop from a while back similar to these.

 I love the collar on this dress as well as the green and pink colour combo. Not keen on the clumpy trainers or that band of grey at the bottom. It looks tacked on like the dress was too short and they'd run out of green fabric. Also the head pom-poms are silly.
I love the neckline on this dress. And check out the eyeballs hiding in the flowers. I'm not keen on them they are too gruesome but they are very giles like the beheaded deer dress that i did love.

And probably some of my favourite looks from London this season, these two beautiful dresses. Amazing silhouette and beautiful bow print. Most people wouldn't wear these even if they liked them, but I'd wear mine everyday, even if i would always be knocking things over because of how wide they'd make me.

LFW : Mary Katrantzou

A very literal collection from the queen of the digital print, Mary Katrantzou titled C’est Ci Nes Pas Une Chambre or This Is Not A Room. Taking inspiration from interiors and architecture, the collection was made from prints depicting rooms. They were very literally print and yet in some ways didn't seem what they were. And most amazing of all... Lampshade skirts!!!

Mary Katrantzou's stuff always sounds hideous. If you just told me about photographic prints of interiors on dresses I would say yuk, but then you see it and it really works. I had this the first time I heard about Mary Katrantzou's work, my friend searle told me and i was thinking it sounded awful but then i saw the photograph's and i was really impressed. I think it is much cleverer to take something that might not be beautiful but make it that it is that to play it safe. It is also surprising and it's nice to have some surprises. I told Mary Katrantzou all this once, she seemed to understand what i was saying and pleased at the compliment but may have thought i was a little mad.

The pastel colours remind me of 80's interiors. I like the way the images seem sort of abstracted but sort of not. The lampshade skirts are fantastic and I'd love to wear one, I like the way it would hang away from the body as if it didnt matter that there was a person there. Even on the hanger the skirts are 3D, they dont flop down and only hold their shape when a person is inside them, they are independent of the body.

I like the idea of channeling an inanimate objects as apposed to a person, more today I am dressed as a lamp than I'm dressed as an 80's Audrey Hepburn. I think the object I most dress like is a cake. Mostly because I have been refered to as 'the girl who dresses like a cake'. 

It all reminded me very much of this ad campainge for D&G that I really liked.

LFW : Bora Aksu

Me and Hannah saw this dress in the exhibition, I thought it looked like meat or intestines. The dress is very puffy to touch.


PPQ... love the metallics... Love the fezes... love the ruffles... love the bold colours... love the perplums... love the prints

LFW : Erdem

Really cute lacy dresses.
I love the lacy collar. infact i love the whole frock. also really like the apron-ish panel on the first dress.

Lovely florals

Friday, 24 September 2010

Mini Trend : Skeletons

Skeletons were spotted at both Jeremy Scott and Betsey Johnson. I also really loved the hair and make-up at Jeremy Scott.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

LFW Day FIVE : Todd Lynn

The second show of day 5 was Todd Lynn.

Lots of mixed textures and geometric paneling.

Nadia xx

LFW Day FIVE : Jaeger

An early start for my final day at LFW, at Jaeger London, which the day before I saw tickets for the show go on eBay for £100... Alot of empty seats at the back... evidently a late night the night before for alot of fashionistas.

The show opened with alot of beige and browns, which I wasn't keen on. It soon moved on to monochromes.

and through to metallics which I really liked. The metallic on metallic of this look is creative and not too much.

I really like this dress and you can't see it from this front on photo, but the heart shape is kind of flat and attached on the front.

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