Monday, 20 September 2010

LFW Day FOUR : Lu Flux

I first saw Lu Flux on the first day of fashion week, in the ethetica section of the exhibition. And then on Monday I went to the presentation. Lu Flux was defiantly one of my favourite labels at LFW. It is their second season at LFW. They use upcylced fabrics and organic fabrics as well as traditional techniques. This collection called "Over the Hills and Far Away" was inspired by Klimt and english country gardens.

These lion shoes are not only super-cute but made from recycled leather. The presentation was in the lovely Chapel of St Barnard’s in Soho, where tea and cake was served. All the ladies serving tea were wearing the teddy bear dresses from A/W 09

What is there not to love about this skirt? It is most definitely one of my next purchases. It is hand crocheted from ribbons, in that loopy technique (that makes cushions) It is quite heavy on the hanger, but I think it would be one of those things that isn't heavy once it's on. I didn't get chance to ask the model at the presentation because she was busy... having her portrait done.

She certainly seemed happy. All of the models did. They all seemed to really love the brand. Is that  skirt not enough rainbow ribbon crotchet for you? How about a whole dress full? I personally prefer the skirt, but I can't decide why.

I love these dungarees. the mixed florals are just so cute.

This model was definitely enjoying herself. she was flapping her dress about. the dress was very drape-y and had lots of volume.  the models hair was back-combed into shape, it reminded me of mom off futurama. I think I'll have my hair like this on my next night out.

It's not just for the ladies... 

The print of this dress (and also on a suit) is drawn of various illustrations and features pictures of the designer. (she was telling me how to say 'i would like a dog' in Swedish) I love the way it looks like the blue and white china.

I really love the vintage-y feel to the clothes, which doesn't just come from the vintage fabrics and the traditional techniques but also the styles. There is a really nice 'craft-y' vibe to this collection.

And here's the lovely lady herself.

Nadia xx

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