Saturday, 31 December 2011

December In Pictures

Pink roses from my friend.

A secret Santa gift from Next

Making homemade coconut ice

A little felt robin I made for the Christmas tree

A balloon dog that I made the waiter in TGI's make for me

Making homemade peppermint creams

A burger in The Diner

Cute stationary in Chinatown

Fashion Top Trumps with lovely illustrations from Magma

Leopard Print Nails

All the different coloured M&Ms in the bizarre experience that is the M&Ms shop in Leicester Square. Who really loves M&Ms so much that they want to spend £300 on an ugly ornament depicting them?

The best dinner of the year, Christmas Dinner. Me and my sister spent hours making the stuffing balls into various shapes. 

Continuing my obsession with taking photos in windows of patisseries.

All photos I took myself. If you'd like to use them, please link back to my blog.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Lux Gift Guide

If you're in the mood to splash some cash this christmas or you want to give yourself a big treat, here are my favourite luxury items of the moment.

Sequin Ballerina Dress by Rare Opulence From Topshop

Chanel Chance from Boots


Ruffle Peplum Dress by Rare from Topshop

Tape and Bow Skirt Prom Dress from Topshop

White Perfume Bottles Motif T-Shirt from Markus Lupfer

Pat's Picnic Shoes from Irregular Choice

Twinkle Lights Pencil Skirt from Anthropologie

Glitter Sneaker from Miu Miu

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Best of the High Street

Despite it being so much easier to order online, there is something so christmasy about the crowds at the British High Street this time of year. Especially if it's dark, there's such a feeling of having so much to do that you must cram shopping time in after work. I love the bustle and I love them all playing christmas songs. I went round and chose  some of my favourite items from the high street, all of them execpt the Irregular Choice shoes are under £25.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Miu Miu For Less

Continuing my obsession with this season's Miu Miu collection, I went looking for similar items that I can actually afford! Here are the high streets best look a likes.

Gold Skirt from Topshop
Gold Skirt from Miu Miu

Glitter Shoes from Topshop
Glitter Shoes from Miu Miu

Purse from Ted Baker
Purse from Miu Miu

Dress from Topshop
Top and Skirt from Miu Miu

Black Mary Janes from Schuh
Black Mary Janes from Miu Miu

I also bought these very nice glittery brogues from Primark for £12. They aren't as lovely as the Miu Miu ones, but they are less than 10% of the price of the Miu Miu ones. After having gone through about 10 pairs of red glittery ballet pumps (aka Dorothy Shoes) I have learned that really, glittery shoes aren't made to last and will start to look rubbishy after a month or so.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Miu Miu

I love the new miu miu collection. I also love that on the online look book has little tiny video clips. I love the shoes all over the stairs. 

I love these shoes and I think this is a lovely image of them.

The video shows a girl dreaming of shoes and then them appearing around here.

More lady like looks.

I always love photos of models eating. I don't know why, it's just so fun.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

House of holland picks

I love this budgie tee from house of holland. It's a nice tee from a fashion house famous for their slogan tees. I kinda like the fact that when you saw it you wouldn't be like 'oh yeah house of holland'

These tights are probably the only pair of nice, non-boring ones that are reasonably priced. And I've searched high and low. They come in other colourways but these rainbow ones are my favourite.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Miu Miu; Shoes and Bags Lookbook

I don't think I've fully expressed on here my love for the current Miu Miu collection. I think it's fabulous! I've been to look at it in the shops (and wish really hard it could be mine) three times now. I only have the shoes and bags lookbook that I got in the Westfield store but there are some really lovely images. I tend to find lookbooks for shoes/bags/accessories a little dull and catalog like, lacking the beautiful photography the main lookbook has. However, whilst not as nice as previous Miu Miu lookbooks I have seen, I still like looking at photos of sparkly shoes.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Cute Sparkly Collars

After being inspired by all the detachable collars around at the moment, particularly the bejeweled ones, I got some second hand shirts from various people (after finding that charity shops charge an awful lot for mens shirts) and had a stab at making my own. You can find a tutorial on rookie magazine, but tbh it's pretty simple to do.

These are the first bejeweled collars I saw all those seasons (probably 5) ago at LFW by Cabinet. I really loved them then, and looking at these again I think I may make a feathery collar.

And these are the miu miu ones. The collar come on shirts but are detachable. I'm actually toying with the idea of getting a shirt and covering the collar in sequins, then leaving it attached.

And these are mine. I really love the one that says 'my shirt' on the label. I literally just cut the collar off the shirt and glued sparkles on / sewed on lace and buttons. I have received a bunch of complements wearing mine.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

November in pictures

A little late on posting this one, since it's already the 7th. New years resolution? to actually post things in a timely fashion.

Anyways, here's my November;

Yummy waitrose cupcakes. They have a really nice selection of pretty cakes on their bakery, that arn't too expensive. And they're even cheaper if you go at the end of the day and they are trying to get rid of them.

My favourite kind of starter; antipasti. This one was in Prezzo for my friends birthday.

My first red cup of the Christmas season. Everyone seems to have that toffee nut thing. I'm a gingerbread latte girl all the way!

The big lit up trees at Westfield (original, I still haven't been to the new one at Stratford) I went with my mum, who was down from Manchester for the weekend and she had never been. It was pretty funny because we walked from Goldhawk road to the Westfield, through Shepard's bush Common (which if you've never seen is gross). My mum used to work in Wood Lane, probably about 20 years ago by now, and as we turned the corner to the swishy tube station and the shiny-ness of the Westfield, she was really surprised. She said it had been such a nothing sort of place before.

 Some very cute cardigans in a store called 'Color' in the Westfield. However it was one of those shops where everything is one size and that size is tiny. I couldn't buy any of them.

 I couldn't decide if this was an actual yarn bombing, which is where people knit up covers for something then sneak out in the night and cover something with knitting, or something more planned. Either way, it was pretty cool.

Just some random, cool graffiti.

Dolly's brand pickle in an Indian Supermarket. What a good name for pickle.

One of those £4 boxes of food from Camden market. I didn't know this, but they are open until 11pm and by the evening are practically giving away the food. This is a box with everything that doesn't have lamb in it, I ate in the freezing cold with my friend Abi.

Hundreds of ladybird books at a carboot sale. I particually remember that cooking with mother book on the right with all its over saturated photos of food from the 1970s.

Okay so this is more October 31st than November, but how i spent my halloween. I was quite disappointed at the lack of 'proper' harry potter questions such as 'where does malfoy keep disappearing  to in the 6th book'. They were more 'look at this actor who played a minor role in one of the films. Name 3 other films he has been in'. The best team name was '99 problems but the snitch ain't one'.

This was at the food market on a Sunday on brick lane. I can't remember what food it is, I just liked the way it was arranged into neat sections.

 This I did eat. It's Indian Street food, and I can't remember what it was called. The woman smashes a hole in those crispy ball things, fill them with some lentil type stuff and then you dip them in that spicy water and stuff them in your mouth whole. Delicious.

And my favourite thing to eat, Ethiopian. It's all lentil based and rich without being spicy. yum. 

And a tasty meal in a caff. Looks like in November I mostly ate.

All photos I took myself. If you'd like to use them, please link back to my blog.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Etsy Gift Guide

Today's the first day of Christmas. I love Christmas and I love buying presents for people. I've made a series of gift guides/wish lists. I'm starting things off with my favourite present ideas from etsy. Etsy's a great place to get presents because you can get more unique things and can often get personalized ones too!

Yellow Vintage Shorts €14.60 Paperdoll Vintage, Kitty Shoes $22 Em and Sprout, Slut Tea Cups $42 TrixieDelicious, My Favourite Things Are Handmade Notebook $10 Argyle Whale, Deer Toy $45 Fantastic Toys, Mermaid Tee $16 Em and Sprout, Floral Dress $188 Priscilla Dawn, Sugar Skull Soaps $15 DirtyAss Soaps , Tape Case $35 BraveMoonman

Thursday, 17 November 2011

How to find your own sense of style

If your looking for your own personal style, chances are you already have one.

I always think when I read in the magazines; 'stick to your own personal style and add the latest fashions subtly' that really that advice applys to the sort of woman who wear alot of navy and black in smart classic cuts from expensive stores. She has a capsule wardrobe and updates when things need replacing. She is not the kind of girl (how i define woman and girl, boy and man is another post for another day) who watches true romance and decides that she will bleach her hair and buy leopard print immediately. Who walks past a girl with a chiffon skirt and needs one too. A girl who wears clothes a bit and then chucks them in the charity shop bag. A lover of fast fashion.

I am the later girl.

Whist I feel it would be terribly chic to have a capsule wardrobe of classic staples I know I can't manage it. I get bored too easily, am too fickle and change my mind on a whim. In the first secret dream world of a shopsholic the main girl ,when justifying her purchases, always proclaims she will become 'the girl in the grey cardigan' this is another thing I always aspire to- to have a signature piece.* But who wants to wear the same thing everyday.

At least that's what I thought. Ive come to realise that Your sense of style could also be described as your taste. Just because something's the latest fashion but you think it's hideous, do you wear it? Probably not. I know I don't. I hate anything 'boho' 'tribal' or 'orange'. And if that's all that's in fashion now then I guess I won't be having new clothes.

It also comes down to what you like wearing. I have come to realise that I do have a signature look. I almost always wear a cardigan. I never wear things that are sleeveless because they make my arms look funny. I only own 3 pairs trousers and no jeans. I probably have 10 identical black and White striped tees. And although I have one very old leopard print cardigan, most of them are new. I always wear ballet pumps, and they certainly aren't the same pair. I updated my clothes to the latest fashions whist keeping to the same things I always wear, without even noticing. I didn't really think about the fact that I always wore similar things, I just like ballet flats and stripy tees. It's not really about wearing a black skirt everyday, it's about wearing what you like. I buy the same things over and over without conscious thought.

But it's not set in stone. Last winter I had a pair of grey trousers from miss selfridge that I wore day in, day out. (even when they got a hole in them from where I tried to jump off the back of a bus and fell flat on my face) Recently I've been buying jumpers not cardis.

It just made me think; it must be really odd to be a slave to fashion and not have any favourites.

*incidentally I have been referred to as the girl who looks like a cake.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Vintage style kids fabrics

I got these fabrics in a bundle of fat quarters. Usually there are 2 pieces that I like and 2 that are really ugly. In this one there are two that I really like, one that is a double and one that is alright. 

I'm not keen on the fact that they've taken a really cute vintage children's fabric and made it a faux patchwork. Or the fact that it doesn't have a right way up. I don't like the big dobby brown polka dot part. I really love the little animals.

I'm going to buy some very big cover buttons and make cute little brooches.
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