Thursday, 6 January 2011

A trip to Versailles

Since I decided to base my final collection around Marie Antoinette, and I was struggling to find the right kind of photographs for what i wanted, it seemed like a good time to go on another trip to Paris. at first i thought it might be cheaper to stay near Versailles and travel into Paris, but as it turns out Versailles is the sort of place you go on a honeymoon and only has very fancy hotels. Backpackers hostel in Paris it is! Last time I was at Versailles i didn't get time to look around everything, so a whole day there would be a lot of fun.

 I loved this print but it was very difficult to get a photo of it, what with it being behind shiny shiny PVC. i like the idea of the peacock feathers though. the reflection of the chandelier is kinda cute too.
 I really like this as a print idea. i also feel sorry for the people whose portrait ended up at the top where no one could see it properly.
 It was quite a rainy day when I went, what with it being January and all. I thought i was going to have to walk all the way to the petit trianon in the pouring rain as the 'train' (little car with three trailers with seats) was not open today. however when i got to the bottom of the Grand Canal, there it was!

 Another print idea.
 I love the way everything is over the top and opulent. plain tassels on the tie-backs? i think not.

all the gold had recently been restored to the palace, since it was melted down during the war.

I was very disappointed with the LaDuree there, since I couldn't think of a better place for one of their tea rooms. unfortunately it's nothing more than a macaron based gift shop. I suppose in the summer it would be nice to buy a box full and sit in the gardens to eat them.

All photos I took myself. If you'd like to use them, please link back to my blog.

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