Thursday, 25 August 2011

Ladybird Books

Despite managing three posts about them, I didn't grow up with Little Golden Books. I had very old copies of old fashioned Ladybird books. The ladybird books had a similar principle about affordable children's books. I like that now you can buy mugs etc with images from the books. You can also buy prints of the books here.

These are the ones I remember having;

The website says "The very first Ladybird book ever was produced by a jobbing printer called Wills & Hepworth during the First World War. The company, based in Loughborough, Leicestershire, began to publish 'pure and healthy literature' for children, registering the Ladybird logo in 1915. Despite the company's claims, however, those books would no longer be politically correct. In the ABC Picture Book, for example, A stood for armoured train!"

I particularly remember this one, the wolf and the seven kids, as it was such an odd story. The mother leaves the baby goats at home whist she goes to the shops. She tells them not to open the door for anyone but her. The wolf tricks them by putting flour on his paws and swallows all of the goats whole exept for one. When mother goat comes home, the last kid comes out from the grandfather clock and they go to where the wolf is napping and cut open his stomach. All the little goats pop out. They fill the wolfs stomach with rocks and sew him back up. Then he falls in a well. The end.

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