Sunday, 25 September 2011

Lu Flux

 Sometimes I get truly bored of fashion. I can wander around the shops and read all the magazines and think 'I'm not even a little bit interested in any of this'. I wonder if I've made a huge mistake, in ever getting into all this fashion lark. Then I'll see something so amazing, so spectacular that I swoon all over again.

I admit I was looking forward to seeing the new collection from LuFlux, but honestly, I was in a bad mood from a fight with a press office and starting to feel that same old same old vibe from the London Fashion Week exhibition.

I think I spent the rest of the evening in an excellent mood, which had nothing to do with all the champagne drunk.

Happiness is clashing florals.

The collection had a tiki theme, which isn't one you see often. It worked well with the pastel colours and classic florals.

The laser cutting on this top was very nice with masks cut out from it.

LuFlux clearly shares my love of the lovely suffork puff as they regularly appear season after season. It's nice to see quite a traditional and 'craft' elemnt worked in. I think the slightly home spun feel is a large part of the appeal. This dress made entirely of suffok puffs, actulally reminds me of little cocktail umbrellas, although that just could be the power of suggestion and the fact that there were hundreds of them, right behind

A lovely pinafore dress with a Tiki mask applique and embroidery, and floral print 'grass' skirt. This is really the sort of thing I can see myself wearing.

These skirts are reminiscent of grass skirts that Hawaiian ladies wear. The strips are laser cut so there will be no fraying. Laser cutting usually smells vile, like burnt hair (or if it's wool burnt dog) but I did my research and got some funny looks for sniffing all of the garments and all smell fresh. Lu's suggestion for keeping the smell of them fresh? Running about of the Yorkshire dales. I would absolutely love to see some running about in these skirts with fringing trailing behind.

The skirts are very reminiscent of the crocheted ribbon ones from previous seasons.

I love this take on a hawaian shirt, without the lurid print and instead lovely vintagey florals, in a mix-match patchwork way.

Lu flux has moved from the esthetica part of the exhibition, which is always a little dark, lighting wise, I feel.
I love the prints and bright colours on this raincoat, it'd cheer up the greyest of days. Most nice coats aren't water-proof, so this is a nice change.

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