Thursday, 22 September 2011

Me and French Sole had a falling out. All I wanted was a lovely pair of fur lined ballet pumps. I basically live in ballet flats and these seemed to be the mist perfect most opulent pair available. The woman in the shop warned me that they tend to size small. My feet are size 6 or sometimes 6.5, not exactly flipper like. I couldn't even cram my foot into the largest size they do which is an 8 due to the sheer bulk of the fur. Why not size the shoe AFTER the fur is in there! 

So at London fashion week, I went past French Sole with my nose in the air. You can't tempt me with all your pretty new shades.

I had to go back. These shoes more than make up for me being unable to ram my foot into a cinderella-esqe fur slipper. They are beautiful. Velvet monogrammed ballet flats. Available in red, black and navy with either matching or more fabulous golden embroidered initials on. You can have 1, 2 or 3 letters which mean lucky people with three letter names (such as my friend loz) could have their whole name written. I'm tempted to ask for nad on one foot and ia on the other. Or just big Ns. Or NK. however will I choose?

I'm sorry French Sole, all is forgiven.

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