Saturday, 10 September 2011

Vogue's Fashion Night Out

This was my first FNO, and tbh I didn't know so many people went. The whole of the west end was packed and Bond Street was actually closed off. I didn't actually do much, since the queues for all the funnest stuff *cough*mulberry*cough* were huge, which was kinda disappointing. I did print out from the website a list of all the best stuff, but next time I think I'll just choose one or two things that I really want to do.

I did enjoy the photobooth in the back of a mini outside Bertie.

The point of FNO? To boost spending in shops. And boy does it work. I didn't plan to buy anything, but I was just in acessorize, enjoying a babycham, and the sales assistants were out in full force and I thought why not take advantage of them wanting to help me. Also 20% off is super encoraging. I have really senetive skin and can't really wear wool. I can however wear cotton and cashmere. All I really want is a super pair of gloves that I can actually wear since they are mostly made from wool. (even searching etsy, they are all made from cashwool) I've only ever seen plain cashmere gloves. Who wants to pay £35 for plain black gloves? Also I usually wait till my hands are freezing to remember I need gloves, by which time all the best ones are gone.

So maybe the accessorize lady can help. They still don't make cute cashmere gloves, but she did suggest I get leather ones, which they do in a varity of cute styles. And since they've only just come in to store there are plenty to choose from. I tried on every pair in the store (and the poor shop assistant fetched every pair) whist I ummed and ahhed about their fit (I have giant hands with long fingers and tiny wrists - and have never found a pair of gloves without stretch that fit.) And then chose the first pair I tried on. The lady, who I suspect may actually be the manegeress, told me that they were a good choice as they were in the latest vogue and would probably sell out.

So I reach to where I put the gloves and they're gone! Someone saw my excellent hand modeling skills and took them! The only pair in a size large! I was so mad. Fortunatly she phoned the store down the road and had them put aside a pair for me there. Which meant I had to go and drink more babycham there.

What amazing hand modeling. 
Who wouldn't want to buy these after seeing this?

And what lovely gloves they are! with super cute bows. They also have little tabs that were for the labels but I might use them to attach a ribbon so I can run it through the sleeves of my coat, which I know isn't very glam, but I do loose things easily.

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