Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wish I was here; Meadham Kirchhoff

I really wish I could have gone to the Meadham Kirchhoff show, from the moment I saw the pics of the balloons on twitter, to looking at the photos on Vogue, I have fallen in love.

Photo from Love Magazine's Twitter

I love all the balloons.

 This Dress reminds me of Lu Flux's Bear pinafore dress. (Lu Flux photo from

This feather skirt is very cute. I love the pastel colours.  They have a similar one in Zara, that I tried on at Fashion's Night Out but it is in red or blue.  I would prefer a pastel one. I have actually been considering making one using this tutorial and a bunch of boas, but think it looks less costume-y, more fashion, with ostrich feathers and as it turns out ostrich feathers aren't cheap.

I find the sugary sweetness of this collection particularly funny after reading an interview with them in last Friday's ES Magazine. They seem very serious fashion sort of people. Although I liked their previous collection, their Gothic overtones were a little much for me, and ultimately what stopped me from falling in love with it like I have for this collection. I understand however how this collection fits in; ES magazine described their "knee-jerk reaction to anything that suggests good taste" and although I love it, I know for most it will be vile and cloying. They also talk about how they don't want anyone to like their clothes in a mediocre way. I definitely love this collection, it's really the sort of thing I would seek out.

Mean girls was obviously another inspiration. Tweets about the soundtrack also enticed since everyone said they were playing the Spice Girls and teen girl movie soundtracks, which seeing this make total sense.

 I love this smart jacket with a pair of frilly hot shorts look.


I am also beginning to see Marie Antoinette as an inspiration, but I'm not sure if that's just in my head. The pastel colours, tall hair and silhouettes do suggest it, even just to me.

I love the laser cut jackets with their paper dolly cut work, as I used to love making paper dolly chains. I'm actually considering a huge one now to put around my front room.  This laser cutting is one of those ideas that is so simple but so lovely, that I really wish it had been mine.

I prefer the simpler, one colour cuts to the multi-coloured ones which just don't quite sit right with me and i can't put my finger on why.

This pinafore dress reminds me of my vintage heart jumpsuit.

 And I love this happy cloud jumper, it's so cute and pretty.

I wish I could have been their for the spectacle of the show, I always prefer a show that is a little different a little fun. I'm hoping to find a video of it to watch as Vogue describe; "the show began with a gaggle of dolly birds trussed up in silky pink slips with matching tights, all pulling their dresses off to powder puff themselves and showing off their neon bra straps in the process. Then they burst into a cancan as the models started parading around them – and never have you seen a group of journalists trying to watch and write at once with such difficulty. There was so much to see." and "a team of darling little ballet girls in red ribboned shoes and tutus with huge butterflies at the back, twirling and pliĆ©-ing their way to the back of the catwalk where they posed on a giant glittering cake"

It truly is an amazing collection and I'm thoroughly with Benjamin Kirchhoff when he says "Do we really need to see another digitally printed shift dress?"

Quotes from ES magazine, Catwalk Photos and description of the show from All images are used for commenting purposes only.

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