Friday, 28 October 2011

New Favourite Tumblr

I like the fuckyeah tumblrs, it's like a google image search (don't tell me you don't do that, typing things into google so you can look at nice pictures. my favourites are 'miniature horses' 'pug dog' 'ganguro girl') only it's been curated so the best ones are there. This one is fuckyeahcuteandgirlyshit. I could look at it all over and over again.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

iphone case

I saw this iphone case back in july, but as it's on a korean website, I really wanted it but just assumed it was one of those things I couldn't have. I really love the idea of mixing cross stitch with an iphone case, I also like to have things that are unique or homemade.

However when I was looking for this tape case for the boy, which incidentally is harder to buy than you'd think if you need to have the tape box with it. I bought three from amazon all which said they came with the tape box, and then didn't. The coolest part of it is the box! As I was looking I found this... a cheap knockoff version of the embroidery case.

I was looking about for ideas or patterns to stitch on the case (the ones it came with are super tacky and that Korean website didn't have all those patterns on it) but could only find the purl bee's review of it and then her pictures copied a bunch of times on to other peoples blogs.

So in the end I just wrote my name. I used stitchpoint for the pattern. I thought I'd put a picture up since no one else seems to.

It was super easy to sew through the plastic, which was nice. And since it was only £3 I might just buy a couple more and do different covers. I like this Christmas one, and I was thinking of buying the Cath Kidston book Stitch! and embroidering a pattern from that on.

Friday, 21 October 2011

I have been thinking about outfit posts lately. When they first started popping up all that time ago I was a bit like "who wants to look at photos of you?" but i realized the other day that not only do I regularly read several blogs of 'what i wore' posts but I love looking at which is nothing but outfit posts. I'd like to have a stab at some outfit posts, but I photograph badly. I've seen a few pics like this one about and I think they're quite cute. This is a winter outfit, since its getting cold.

Dress; Topshop (but I got it in a charity shop for £4) Cape; Design Sample Gloves; Accessorize Ear Muffs; Accessorize Handbag; Vintage Shoes; Hush Puppies (I got them in tk maxx because my other pair of hush puppies shoes have lasted 4 years now, which is impressive since I destroy shoes and have never had a pair last more than a few months)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I have another good reason why I need a whole bunch of cute new peter pan collar blouses.

I got this cute vintage jumper in a vintage shop in Glastonbury. I can't remember what it's called but it's near something called 'rainbow cafe' or something like that. It was a bargain-tastic £1 from the £1 basket. There was alot of cute stuff, all reasonably priced - or at least compared to London prices it was. It's fine on it's own now, but it's starting to get chilly and this jumper is ideal for cute layering.

And here is a wish list of other blouses that are no good for wearing with jumpers but are so cute, I don't much care.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

I have been waiting for this puppy jumper from Topshop since I saw it on this header (above) for the 'prim and proper' look in June. I kept clicking through, but could never see it. Then the other week I was in the oxford street store, I saw it! I was so pleased.

I don't have a little blouse with a peter pan collar (that matches) yet, so I've been wearing it with a detachable lace collar. I'm actually very pro detachable collar, since LFW. It is very itchy for me, since it has an angora percentage and I have insanely sensetive skin. I love it so much so I just grin and bear it.

It reminds me of this jumper from Markus Lupfer, with my favourite kind of puppy, a pug dog! But at £285 it's a bit more expensive than the Topshop one.

I do need a peter pan collared blouse, a few of my favourites are below, that I could wear with the jumper.

And speaking of Markus Lupfer, I love love love this video. I love when Florence Welch defends her pile of clothes.

Puzzle of the Mysterious Mind / Markus Lupfer Resort 2012 from Partizan Darkroom on Vimeo.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Union Jack Cushion Tutorial

I have a massive stash of fabric, like 12 boxes full. Some of it is from my degree, you always had to find the fabrics you would use, even if you weren't making the garment. You could get tiny swatches but it was easier just to buy 25cm or 50cm. Some was from working in a fabric shop. All of it is because I can't resist buying nice fabric. Anyways the result is a ridiculous amount of fabric all in small amounts. So, I'm slowly trying to use it all up productively. I've used up some making bunting (like 30m of the stuff. everywhere you look in my house is bunting.) So I decided to reuse the pattern that I made to make this cushion for my friend, and make another from floral prints, using up some of those small pieces of fabric.

I have also being looking at hundreds of online tutorials (my favourite place to find them is One Pretty Thing) and I feel like since I use so many tutorials, I ought to make a contribution and put up a tutorial.

This is the first tutorial I have written, I hope it makes sense. I've tried to explain everything in as much detail as possible as sometimes I find it hard to gauge how easy or difficult things are. This seems easy enough to me, but maybe it's tougher for someone else.

If any of it doesn't make sense, tell me and I'll try to explain myself better. Any feedback at all would be really helpful. I'd love to see a cushion that someone else had made too! send me the pictures!

This cushion has a flap close (like a pillow) rather than a zip close.

You will need;
1 piece of fabric that is at least 1m x 75cm (1m square would be easier to cut from however) OR if like me you are using up fabrics 2 pieces that are at least 50cm x 50cm and 1 piece that is 50cm x 25cm. These will be the main body of the cushion and the blue of the flag. I will call this fabric BLUE but it doesn't have to be blue.

1 piece of fabric that is at least 50cm x 50cm. This will be the red part of the flag. I will call this fabric red, but mine is more of a pink.

1 piece of fabric that is at least 50cm x 50cm OR 4 pieces that are at least 24 x 22. These will be the white parts on the flag.

One cushion inner that is 50cm x 50cm


Sewing Machine

Pattern Paper or Newspaper

Making the pattern pieces

Print the piece called white shown below. To get the pattern, click on the image below. then right click on the image. Click on save as and save it. Then when you print it, print it off at 100%. Cut the shape out. These are the white parts of the Union Jack. I know some parts of this are supposed to be wider than others, but that's getting a bit complicated for me.

On pattern paper (or newspaper) draw a vertical line that is 50cm. mark 25 cm down. 3cm to the right, draw another line, parallel to the first, that is 50cm long. Do the same for the left side.

At the 25cm point draw a 50cm line that intersects the first, with the 25cm point being the same as the first. 3cm above and below the horizontal draw another line forming the centre cross. 

Close up the shape. Cut this out of the paper and it's your pattern piece.

Cut out 1 square in that is 50cm x 50cm and 1 rectangle that is 50cm x 25cm. These will form the main body of your cushion.

I use my pattern-master do draw all these, which not everyone has, but you can use a set square.

Making the cushion

Remember to press your fabric first!

Cut out from the blue fabric 2 of the big squares and one rectangle

Cut out from the red fabric one big cross.

Cut from the white arrow-looking pattern 4 arrow looking pieces.

Lay one of the blue squares out flat. Place the white arrow shapes at the corners of the blue square. make sure they are nice and flat. To check they are in the right position lay the red cross on top in the middle.

Mine were a little out with the cross covering up too much of the arrow shapes. Move them slightly until they look right. Take off the red cross and pin down the white arrows.

On the sewing machine, set the stitch to the smallest zigzag stitch and the stitch length to 3.  zigzag stitch over the edges. I like to go over each part 4 or 5 times to really secure the pieces down and prevent fraying (on the yellow lines). You only need to zigzag stitch once on the inside parts (pink lines) as they are getting covered over anyways.

Press the whole thing.

Lay the red cross down on the centre of the square as flat as possible and pin it down. make sure there are no gaps.

Zigzag stitch over the edges of the red cross. Go over each part 4 or 5 times.

Press the whole thing. Again.

If you have an over locker you could over lock the edges of the cushion. Mine's broken so I shalln't bother.

The front of the cushion is finished. yay!

Okay, now to make up the cushion...

Take the rectangle of blue fabric and hem one of the long edges. I turn it up 5mm stitch along, press, turn it up 5mm again and press it again. Make sure you remember to switch the machine back to straight stitch. Do the same along one edge of the plain blue square. (The one without a flag.) This is going to be the opening of your cushion, so it should be neat.

Lay the rectangle face down on the flag (front of the cushion) with the right sides together. Make sure the hemmed edge is in the centre. Pin around the outside edges and stitch in place with a 1cm seam allowance. 

Trim the corners that have been stitched.

Now with the right side of the flag facing up and the rectangle at the top, lay the back of the cushion face down (right sides together, sort of) on top of the front of the cushion with the hemmed edge at the top and the rectangle sandwiched in the middle. 

Stitch the edges except the one that is hemmed.

Trim the corners that have been stitched.

Turn the cover right side out and put the cushion inside. 

 Make sure you poke the corners out. Then turn the flap the right side out.

Et voila. One cushion.


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

ahh.. I love the realization that I'm not just making connections in my head that only I can see. I do sometimes think that I make the randomest links in my head between things and then can't explain them. (This was one of the issues with my dissertation. I knew why these topics went together, but no one else did.)  In this post here, about Meadham Kirchhoff’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection, I mentioned that I was reminded of Lu Flux's bear pinny dress. yup, that dress directly inspired Meadham Kirchoff's. I also saw Marie Antoinette and that was also an influence.

I found out here on the Rookie site, which also has some really lovely pictures from Meadham Kirchoff's studio, which I wish my house looked like. (although the desk covered in hello kitty and my little pony is pretty much my desk) There are also some lovely pictures from backstage and photos of the designs, as well as interesting captions from Edward Meadham. The things that everyone thought was laser cut (including myself) is actually heavily embroidered.

I actually quite enjoyed looking at the whole rookie site, which tbh I had minimal interest in what with not being a teen girl and that. It's actually got some nice images and articles, which makes sence really since I always like looking at Tavi's mood boards on the blog.

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Another trend I noticed (and I don't think I was the only one) was an abundance of yellow. Since this winters colour is mustard, it seems natural that the continuation for summer would be a sunny yellow. 

From left to right; Alice + Olivia, Twenty8Twelve, Jill Stuart, Moschino, Mulberry, Mark Fast, Mark Fast, Christian Cota, Lacoste, D&G, Osman, Derek Lam, Mark Fast, Badgley Mischka, Matthew Williamson, Sass & Bide, PPQ, Holly Fulton, Burberry Prorsum, Jenny Packham, Z Spoke by Zac Posen, L'Wren Scott, Karen Walker, Christian Siriano, Roksanda Ilinicic, Moncler Gamme Rouge, Mulberry, Nicole Farhi, David Koma, Oscar De La Renta, Jill Stuart, Jaeger London, Just Cavalli, Louise Gray, Martin Grant

All images from

Saturday, 8 October 2011


A trend I noticed/made up on the catwalks this season was cartoon. Whether it was literal Mickey Mouse prints at Jean-Charles De Castelbajau, bold cartoonish colours at Louise Gray or dresses that look like something at The Rodnick Band and Moschino Cheap and Chic. And look! Another strawberry dress. I knew I was onto something.

I actually saw the mouse ears dress from Jean-Charles De Castelbajau before I'd seen anything else and did wonder if it was a reference to the world's most recognizable mouse.

All catwalk images from except the rodnick band which are from

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New Favourite Tumblr

Indulging in my love of twins, my new favourite tumblr is I like looking like other people which is full of people being outfit twins. Or that they've just shown up in the same outfit. whatever.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Just one more, this Lu Flux video for the A-Lu-Ha collection, which features more twins. The video forfills my wish to see someone running in one of the dresses. It does look lovely. New wish; to run about in one of these dresses. It also confirmed my suspicions that the girls in the shoot were in a sandcastle.

It reminds me of this video, but I don't know why. One of those funny connections I've made in my head but can't explain.

Just going to go on a little bit more about Lu Flux, since the press release and HQ images have arrived.

I love a good set of twins. I also love their candy floss hair.

Are they inside a sandcastle? I'd like to think so.

The press release says that the collection was inspired by the typical British expectation of a tropical summer only to face the reality of a typical rainy English summer. although as I write this I'm sweltering in the heat of the Indian summer we are experiencing now. I always think the British are quite a hopeful lot really, in May it's always 'oh it's going to be a barbecue summer' and my other favourite 'oh we are going to win the world cup this year', and really it's never going to happen.

"The hope for paradisiacal blue skies, endless days of sunshine lying on a pure white sandy beach complete with grass skirts, Tiki masks and leis is crushed by rain, to be replaced with jam making and macramé potholders at a car boot sale in a field in Kent" 

I like this idea because whist I like the idea of a tropical summer, there is also something I love about the typical British summer.

Ready for the summer with a rain coat, only in England. Two years ago at the start of one summer, full of optimistic hope that this summer would be filled with adventures, I decided the must have for the summer would be a pack-a-mac. Thinking about it actually do they even sell them in winter? Surely not, because it winter everyone has a proper coat. Also most people only wear wellies and raincoats at a festival. Actually wellies are a bit of a summer classic now really, which is funny considering they are for the rain.

In this picture the Suffolk puffs actually remind me of shells, in their pretty pink tones.

And I'm taking quite a liking to this lamp shade-esque skirt.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Basso And Brooke

The Basso and Brooke show was outside of Somerset House this year, and despite having an invite, was a bit of a free for all going in. (although it wasn't the worse I've seen at LFW) The space was very nice with hundreds of ball shaped lights. 

However due to my amazing photography skills (and that I forgot my proper camera) all the photos looked like this;

 Or this;

Or worse, like this;

I just gave up and just enjoyed the show.

My favourite look was this one. I like the more pastel tones as opposed to the usual jewel tones and it's certainly a move away from their usual digital printing, that was never my taste anyways, much less so several seasons on, when it all looks the same to me.

First image is Basso and Brooke's invite. The next 3 were taken by myself, use those if you want. Last image was taken by someone with some talent for it and is from and used for commenting purposes only.
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