Sunday, 23 October 2011

iphone case

I saw this iphone case back in july, but as it's on a korean website, I really wanted it but just assumed it was one of those things I couldn't have. I really love the idea of mixing cross stitch with an iphone case, I also like to have things that are unique or homemade.

However when I was looking for this tape case for the boy, which incidentally is harder to buy than you'd think if you need to have the tape box with it. I bought three from amazon all which said they came with the tape box, and then didn't. The coolest part of it is the box! As I was looking I found this... a cheap knockoff version of the embroidery case.

I was looking about for ideas or patterns to stitch on the case (the ones it came with are super tacky and that Korean website didn't have all those patterns on it) but could only find the purl bee's review of it and then her pictures copied a bunch of times on to other peoples blogs.

So in the end I just wrote my name. I used stitchpoint for the pattern. I thought I'd put a picture up since no one else seems to.

It was super easy to sew through the plastic, which was nice. And since it was only £3 I might just buy a couple more and do different covers. I like this Christmas one, and I was thinking of buying the Cath Kidston book Stitch! and embroidering a pattern from that on.

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