Monday, 3 October 2011

Just going to go on a little bit more about Lu Flux, since the press release and HQ images have arrived.

I love a good set of twins. I also love their candy floss hair.

Are they inside a sandcastle? I'd like to think so.

The press release says that the collection was inspired by the typical British expectation of a tropical summer only to face the reality of a typical rainy English summer. although as I write this I'm sweltering in the heat of the Indian summer we are experiencing now. I always think the British are quite a hopeful lot really, in May it's always 'oh it's going to be a barbecue summer' and my other favourite 'oh we are going to win the world cup this year', and really it's never going to happen.

"The hope for paradisiacal blue skies, endless days of sunshine lying on a pure white sandy beach complete with grass skirts, Tiki masks and leis is crushed by rain, to be replaced with jam making and macramé potholders at a car boot sale in a field in Kent" 

I like this idea because whist I like the idea of a tropical summer, there is also something I love about the typical British summer.

Ready for the summer with a rain coat, only in England. Two years ago at the start of one summer, full of optimistic hope that this summer would be filled with adventures, I decided the must have for the summer would be a pack-a-mac. Thinking about it actually do they even sell them in winter? Surely not, because it winter everyone has a proper coat. Also most people only wear wellies and raincoats at a festival. Actually wellies are a bit of a summer classic now really, which is funny considering they are for the rain.

In this picture the Suffolk puffs actually remind me of shells, in their pretty pink tones.

And I'm taking quite a liking to this lamp shade-esque skirt.

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