Thursday, 17 November 2011

How to find your own sense of style

If your looking for your own personal style, chances are you already have one.

I always think when I read in the magazines; 'stick to your own personal style and add the latest fashions subtly' that really that advice applys to the sort of woman who wear alot of navy and black in smart classic cuts from expensive stores. She has a capsule wardrobe and updates when things need replacing. She is not the kind of girl (how i define woman and girl, boy and man is another post for another day) who watches true romance and decides that she will bleach her hair and buy leopard print immediately. Who walks past a girl with a chiffon skirt and needs one too. A girl who wears clothes a bit and then chucks them in the charity shop bag. A lover of fast fashion.

I am the later girl.

Whist I feel it would be terribly chic to have a capsule wardrobe of classic staples I know I can't manage it. I get bored too easily, am too fickle and change my mind on a whim. In the first secret dream world of a shopsholic the main girl ,when justifying her purchases, always proclaims she will become 'the girl in the grey cardigan' this is another thing I always aspire to- to have a signature piece.* But who wants to wear the same thing everyday.

At least that's what I thought. Ive come to realise that Your sense of style could also be described as your taste. Just because something's the latest fashion but you think it's hideous, do you wear it? Probably not. I know I don't. I hate anything 'boho' 'tribal' or 'orange'. And if that's all that's in fashion now then I guess I won't be having new clothes.

It also comes down to what you like wearing. I have come to realise that I do have a signature look. I almost always wear a cardigan. I never wear things that are sleeveless because they make my arms look funny. I only own 3 pairs trousers and no jeans. I probably have 10 identical black and White striped tees. And although I have one very old leopard print cardigan, most of them are new. I always wear ballet pumps, and they certainly aren't the same pair. I updated my clothes to the latest fashions whist keeping to the same things I always wear, without even noticing. I didn't really think about the fact that I always wore similar things, I just like ballet flats and stripy tees. It's not really about wearing a black skirt everyday, it's about wearing what you like. I buy the same things over and over without conscious thought.

But it's not set in stone. Last winter I had a pair of grey trousers from miss selfridge that I wore day in, day out. (even when they got a hole in them from where I tried to jump off the back of a bus and fell flat on my face) Recently I've been buying jumpers not cardis.

It just made me think; it must be really odd to be a slave to fashion and not have any favourites.

*incidentally I have been referred to as the girl who looks like a cake.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Vintage style kids fabrics

I got these fabrics in a bundle of fat quarters. Usually there are 2 pieces that I like and 2 that are really ugly. In this one there are two that I really like, one that is a double and one that is alright. 

I'm not keen on the fact that they've taken a really cute vintage children's fabric and made it a faux patchwork. Or the fact that it doesn't have a right way up. I don't like the big dobby brown polka dot part. I really love the little animals.

I'm going to buy some very big cover buttons and make cute little brooches.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Colourful Cakes

So my lovely friend Lucy was moving away to America, and around the 4th of July I started seeing various America theme ideas for cooking and crafts... and I started to hatch my plan.

She actually left at the beggining of october and I made her this amazing cake.

And left it on the side in the kitchen when I went to see her for her going away party. I have never been so gutted. I actually saw her again a week later, but by then we had eaten most of the cake.The colours are so vibrant from using gel food colouring, which is more expensive but looks amazing! You can buy it on eBay or I got mine in Asda which recently has started doing a really good range of baking things.

Whist I was looking at pictures of really cute colourful cakes I saw this rainbow cake in a jar. I felt bad for her never getting her cake. And this was the cake to send. It was originally to send cakes to soldiers in the war. It was pretty easy to make, i just made a Victoria sponge, divided it into bowls and added the colours. I then just layered them up inside the jar and baked it in the jar.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Why have one colour...

when you can have 7?

At the moment my hair is brown. And has been for almost a year. This is super unusual for me. I usually change my hair colour every 4 weeks and rotate between blonde/red/pink/purple/blue/blonde.

The only colour of hair I've never had is green. whenever I see someone with coloured hair, i feel so jelous. Then I met this girl at fashion week.

She told me she just put a whole bunch of different dyes on her hair at random and went with it.

Now I have decided to have my hair in a rainbow. I have enlisted the help of a friend and am going to attempt some sort of foiling technique.

All images are from mylittleponyhair which is an amazing tumblr if you like looking at peoples hair.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Homemade Chutney

I was thinking about what to get all those random people that I ought to get a Christmas present, but I don't know what to give them. Then it hit me. Homemade hampers. This is the lovely chutney I made. I used Mary Berry's Christmas Chutney recipe, which you can find on good food as it came highly recommended. 

The chutney has to sit  for at least a month so I don't know if it's any good yet, but it smelt good. The whole house smelt of it for a week. I looked at a lot of recipes, I wanted one that has to sit for a while first (which put Jamie Oliver's out)and I did enjoy Delia's comments of; I didn't used to specify that the chutney needs to sit for a month and people wrote to me saying my chutney was vile so clearly you all need it spelling out to you. (I'm paraphrasing here) That's what I love about Delia Smith cookbooks. She is super patronizing which I find helps because everything is really clear.

Monday, 7 November 2011

November... Already

I can't believe it's already November. There are some many things I meant to blog about but never did. And now I've moved on to new ideas. Here's some of the images from the last couple of months.

A cute strawberry bunny I made from felt.

My wiggly line of ketchup on a hotdog skills.

 The best fabric ever. I got it at a fabric shop on brick lane. The woman asked me if I was making curtains for my son. I told her I'd make jammie bottoms for my BF. She said I was a keeper because I sewed him things. In the end I made a blanket.

 The super cute mulberry display in Harrods.

 Cool Graffiti on the way to spitalfields market. I can't remember the name of the guy who did this, but I remember him being on a documentary about graffiti and him seem like one of the only normal graffiti artists, just really laid back. I think Obama has some of his work.

A lovely chippy lunch in a old fashioned chippy called something like peppi's somehwhere on the walk between spitalfields and brick lane.

Elizabeth Lau's Blythe at fashion week. It made me so happy to see a blythe. 

Probably the biggest pavlova I've ever seen. I had 3 helpings.

 The best breakfast in London- The American at The Breakfast Club with extra syrup.

So many different flavours of slushy in Southampton. You could mix them all together for a rainbow slushie. Which I did.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Pom Pom Accesories

I have wanted a pom pom on my head for quite a while now. I can't actually remember what sparked the idea but it may have been Sonia Rykel's A/W 10 collection.

catwalk images from

I remember making a pom pom at school when I was four but I wanted one of those net one I'd seen, that looked more curly than usual. I spent ages trying to find a tutorial and eventually figured out that you made them the exact same way! Although the ones below are actually made in a different way.

(image from here)

I made my pom pom from some pink net I had about. I glue gunned a clip and some felt on so I can attach it to my head. I still want a giant one for my head which I'm half way though making.

I also for a little while have been kicking about the idea that I wanted bright pink pom poms on my navy ballet pump shoes. I didn't want to glue the pom poms to the shoes permanently, because there might be occasions where I don't want pom poms and I'm worried the yarn will get all matted and gunked up and that'll be the end of that. I glued gunned clip-on earring clips so I could clip the pom poms on and off.

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