Thursday, 17 November 2011

How to find your own sense of style

If your looking for your own personal style, chances are you already have one.

I always think when I read in the magazines; 'stick to your own personal style and add the latest fashions subtly' that really that advice applys to the sort of woman who wear alot of navy and black in smart classic cuts from expensive stores. She has a capsule wardrobe and updates when things need replacing. She is not the kind of girl (how i define woman and girl, boy and man is another post for another day) who watches true romance and decides that she will bleach her hair and buy leopard print immediately. Who walks past a girl with a chiffon skirt and needs one too. A girl who wears clothes a bit and then chucks them in the charity shop bag. A lover of fast fashion.

I am the later girl.

Whist I feel it would be terribly chic to have a capsule wardrobe of classic staples I know I can't manage it. I get bored too easily, am too fickle and change my mind on a whim. In the first secret dream world of a shopsholic the main girl ,when justifying her purchases, always proclaims she will become 'the girl in the grey cardigan' this is another thing I always aspire to- to have a signature piece.* But who wants to wear the same thing everyday.

At least that's what I thought. Ive come to realise that Your sense of style could also be described as your taste. Just because something's the latest fashion but you think it's hideous, do you wear it? Probably not. I know I don't. I hate anything 'boho' 'tribal' or 'orange'. And if that's all that's in fashion now then I guess I won't be having new clothes.

It also comes down to what you like wearing. I have come to realise that I do have a signature look. I almost always wear a cardigan. I never wear things that are sleeveless because they make my arms look funny. I only own 3 pairs trousers and no jeans. I probably have 10 identical black and White striped tees. And although I have one very old leopard print cardigan, most of them are new. I always wear ballet pumps, and they certainly aren't the same pair. I updated my clothes to the latest fashions whist keeping to the same things I always wear, without even noticing. I didn't really think about the fact that I always wore similar things, I just like ballet flats and stripy tees. It's not really about wearing a black skirt everyday, it's about wearing what you like. I buy the same things over and over without conscious thought.

But it's not set in stone. Last winter I had a pair of grey trousers from miss selfridge that I wore day in, day out. (even when they got a hole in them from where I tried to jump off the back of a bus and fell flat on my face) Recently I've been buying jumpers not cardis.

It just made me think; it must be really odd to be a slave to fashion and not have any favourites.

*incidentally I have been referred to as the girl who looks like a cake.

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