Monday, 30 January 2012


Topshop Scalloped Hem Skirt - I've wanted a scallop hem skirt for so long.

Topshop Mint Green Shoes - My search for flat shoes that will keep my feet warm and dry and be cute is over.

Vivetta Pink Dress - This is true wish list as I've actually tried this dress on in Fifi Wilson and it didn't suit me in the slightest, which is such a shame since I love it. Maybe I'll look nicer in something from the new collection.

Real Books

I got a kindle for Christmas, which I now really love. I'm very pro reading digital books and have been getting rid of all my 'real' books. (Don't worry, I haven't been throwing them away like some people think, I've been giving them to people/oxfam) 

Who wants a bookshelf full of trashy holiday novels when you could fill them with pretty vintage books which is now my plan.

So I thought I'd share with you some more of my prettyest vintage books.

This 'June' annual is something I found at college when I was doing my foundation year. It was half cut up and I just had rescue it. Its full of jolly dee tales and patronizing advice.

I got the monster book for girls this Christmas.

This one isn't actually a vintage book, but I did get it for Christmas. It's a reprint of a children's book from the 60s about London. I like that they have made amendments at the back of the books about how London is today. Imagine if someone still took tickets at the ticket barriers! I also like imagine what London must have been like.

All photos I took myself. If you'd like to use them, please link back to my blog.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mulberry S/S12

With a seaside theme, a campaign by Tim Walker and muted shades, what's not to love about Mulberry S/S 12

All images are from Mulberry, whose website is super cool. All things used to make a pretty collage are from the pugly pixel, which I really recommend for things to make pretty blogs. My layout is from there too!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Hunger Games

After seeing a trailer for The Hunger Games a few months back, on Christmas day, I decided to finally read the books. And finished them in 3 days. One of the things I loved about the books was the descriptions of the over the top capitol fashions. Dyed green skin or surgically added whiskers anyone? The bright and unnatural colours reminded me of the film Brazil. So I was super pleased when I found that as part of the promo for the film they had created a fashion tumblr, with not just imagery from the film but inspirations such as McQueen.

Also love the url is .pn for Panem.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Quite a literal collection from Vivetta for S/S12

All images are from Vivetta. All things used to make a pretty collage are from the pugly pixel, which I really recommend for things to make pretty blogs. My layout is from there too!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Burns Night

Tomorrow is Burns Night, which in all is a funny celebration. It's Scottish poet Robert Burn's birthday, but on the whole seems to me like an excuse for a Scottish themed party. We tended to have haggis with tatties (which is mashed potato) and neeps (which is swede) for dinner when I was younger on Burn's Night, mostly because my mum likes to think of herself as Scottish.

It all seems like a jolly good excuse for haggis, whiskey and that Scottish classic deep fried mars bar which frankly are delicious. So here is a wish list for burns night.

Christopher Kane Rainbow Tee - Because he's scottish and really who needs a better excuse for this tee.

Asos Satchel - Everyone seems to have one of these.

Warehouse Skirt - I love this skirt and think it'd look amazing with the Christopher Kane tee

Pringle Cardigan - A super unique cardigan and cashmere too.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Things I have found and liked

A very lazy post of things I have found. And that I liked.

Not only do I love they way that the scarves are photographed, but the fact that beyonce is included in the icons range.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Wish List

These are the items I'm lusting after this week.

Topshop Floral Corset - This is one of those tops that I really like, but it probably won't suit me. I shall have to pay a visit to topshop to try it on.

Paperchase Bubble and Sweet Umbrella - This is so cute and perfect for the weather atm.

Wildfox Mon Petit Kitten Tee

Christopher Kane Rainbow Dress - Total wishlist, I'll probably never get this dress. A girl can dream.

Temporary Secretary Fox Satchel - This is sold out, probably since it was on cupcake's clothes, but I really hope it comes back in stock.

Boohoo Striped Dress

Asos Patent Brogues - I've been looking for the perfect pair of flat shoes that will keep my feet warm and dry.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Louis Vuitton SS12

I've seen this collection quite a bit over the last couple of weeks, my first reaction was that I loved it and it's lovely sugary colours. However when I was looking at the catwalk images, I felt it look out of proportion and sat unflattering on the body. It looks nice in the campaign and the closer up images so I'm not sure. I do like the laser cutting and the large collars.

All images from
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