Wednesday, 29 February 2012

London Fashion Week; A round up

I only spent a day and a bit at LFW this year. It's my 5th season and honestly some of the buzz has worn off. The atmosphere was one of my favourite things about my first fashion week. I was on my own for most of the day too which can be a bit dull. I only went to see one show, Mark Fast, and my camera wasn't working. I don't think that's a bad thing though, since sometimes I feel like I'm trying to get pictures so much that I'm not enjoying the show. So I just enjoyed the show for once.

Heavily beaded dresses by James Long in the exhibition.

Patchwork sparkly clutch bags from Michael Van Der Ham

The cafe downstairs at Somerset House was designed by Peter Jensen. This was the wallpaper.

A hat display from Bernstock Speirs.

And my favourite of Bernstock Speirs' hats, this bobble hat with a veil which mixes glamour with wooly.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Victim Fashion Street

One of my favourite parts of the exhibition at Somerset House is always the Esthetica section, which showcases designers who work in sustainable, fairly traded and ethical ways. Which is where I found Victim Fashion Street who were also on the front cover of Esthetica Magazine.

Victim was started in 2000 on Fashion Street, just off brick lane and has come a long way in the 12 years, having created for the Topshop Boutique.

Victim produce frilly, girlish one off pieces, created using vintage fabrics, laces and scarfs.

I really like on this dress the way that the majority of the dress was white vintage lace with a Victorian sort of feel with brightly coloured, modern; frills Suffolk puffs and balls.

Contrasting stitching gives a punky and haphazard feel stopping the dresses from being too girly.

 A bunting skirt with a touch of a panto dame's bloomers.

I like that the stitching is a bit wobbly and the dress has a thrown together sort of vibe as opposed to a precious one.

"Victim Fashion Street is going through a period of rejuvenation, thanks to a reinvigorated designer with an even greater sense of commitment to the spirit of localism, eco-fashion, sustainability and upcycling through creativity."

Monday, 27 February 2012

Hillier Bunny Jewelry

I'm not very big on jewelry so for something to catch my eye it must be special. I love this bunny jewelry, the rabbits are very small and subtle as well as cute.

The jewelry is really dainty.

These spots also glow in the dark!

They had the cutest stand at Sommerset House too.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

J Smith Esq

Saw these amazing hats from J Smith Esq at the exhibition at Somerset House for London Fashion Week. The collection is called invicible and is a mixture of couture and ready to wear hats made from vintage beading and sequins.

I love these beaded catwoman hats.

"The silhouettes of iconic screen-glamour meet the superhero and heroine"

Friday, 24 February 2012

Paperself Eyelashes

I've known about Paperself eyelashes for a while now, and whislt I have liked the idea of papercut eyelashes, none of the designs ever screamed 'buy me buy me'. Until I saw them again at LFW. The new designs are super cute with a focus of Britain for the year. 

These eyelashes of the London Skyline are not only like nothing I've seen before and super fun, they'd be perfect for the Jubilee or the Olympics. I think British-ness is going to continue to be popular this year.

And for something less obviouly British these roses are to represent the English rose.

The eyelashes themselves are very light. I was expecting them to feel heavy, but honestly I forgot I was wearing them and I usually dislike big fake eyelashes because whist I love the look, they irritate my eyes.

They have also made a really stylish tutorial video to show the different looks that can be achieved and how best to apply the lashes.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

I like this winter-y look of combining a jumper with a more dressy skirt. I wish I'd bought the same one in more colours when they were in the shops.

Jumper; H&M 
Skirt; Topshop 
Shoes; Primark

I made my necklace myself from a little toy budgie (which cost £3, Who buys a child a tiny £3 budgie?) and it's name is Susan.

Bourjois Boutique Pop Up Shop

After a bit of confusion on where I supposed to go*, I made it to Beach Blanket Babylon where on arrival I was greeted by a very nice lady with a Bourjois bow round her neck and a goodie bag in her hand.

It was decorated in super cute fashion with a french twist. They were filming something for T4 as well.

Not only were the lots of Bourjois goodies to buy at a big discount, but makeovers and manicures. I had both my hair and make up done. The hairdresser had a fight with my too-short hair and actually managed to put it in a bun. That's the whole reason I grew it back out, to have a bun!

I had this make up look done, which actually looked really nice in real life. I wasn't expecting it to suit me but she toned down the vibrancy of the colours. I had the lipstick that I had chosen to buy put on so I could check it was the right one and she chose out the correct shade of foundation for me which is something I can't  do myself.

I just loved this display with all the different coloured make ups in sweetie jars and all rainbowy.

Really nice illustrations on these eye shadows.

I knew I was in the right place when I saw this lady and her poodle. I should have a go at making the wrist pom-poms she has.

If they do one again next year/season I'll definitely go back.

*Turns out I've been there before, for a documentary screening. I got completely lost that time as well.
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