Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bourjois Boutique Pop Up Shop

After a bit of confusion on where I supposed to go*, I made it to Beach Blanket Babylon where on arrival I was greeted by a very nice lady with a Bourjois bow round her neck and a goodie bag in her hand.

It was decorated in super cute fashion with a french twist. They were filming something for T4 as well.

Not only were the lots of Bourjois goodies to buy at a big discount, but makeovers and manicures. I had both my hair and make up done. The hairdresser had a fight with my too-short hair and actually managed to put it in a bun. That's the whole reason I grew it back out, to have a bun!

I had this make up look done, which actually looked really nice in real life. I wasn't expecting it to suit me but she toned down the vibrancy of the colours. I had the lipstick that I had chosen to buy put on so I could check it was the right one and she chose out the correct shade of foundation for me which is something I can't  do myself.

I just loved this display with all the different coloured make ups in sweetie jars and all rainbowy.

Really nice illustrations on these eye shadows.

I knew I was in the right place when I saw this lady and her poodle. I should have a go at making the wrist pom-poms she has.

If they do one again next year/season I'll definitely go back.

*Turns out I've been there before, for a documentary screening. I got completely lost that time as well.

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