Thursday, 9 February 2012

Company Magazine

Company magazine have a new look. And for me it's gone from being a pretty bleh, nondescript woman's interest magazine to one that I'd pick up perhaps over my favourite woman's glossys Elle and Glamour.

I'd just like to say now that a pet hate of mine when magazines such as Company and Elle are considered to be 'fashion' magazines, whist fashion does feature in them, maybe some what prominently (more than in cosmo say) they aren't fashion magazines. They are woman's interest. Fashion magazines are more along the lines of Another Magazine, Dazed and Lula.

Its one of my favourite rants to have about the fact that the fashion magazines in WHSmiths are always put in gay interest which makes absolutely zero sense. And I know I'm not the only one who hates this.

Anyways rant over, and back to Company magazine and their new look.

 With its handwriting style font all over the front cover, to me at least, this is a sign over the fashion/lifestyle blogs influence on the print magazine. The handwriting style font is one you see on plenty of fashion blogs, this one included.

I think some of the photos definitely have a vibe of outfit post about them.

The magazine feels more now, more modern for all these touches. and this is obviously what they are going for as in the editor's letter she says "that this new-look Company is the mag we think you want to read. ... That if we launched a new woman's mag today, this is how it would look." My thought though is will it still seem fresh in a few years time or will it feel dated? Or will they be going though constant updates and changes to always feel new and exciting?

I also love this piece about panda lips and it's very down to earth comment of 'it's not for ever night, but for the right party, it'll go down a treat'. I can't wait for the right party to try this look out!

P.s Vogue toes the line between fashion and woman's glossy. I remember being told not to read it at uni because 'it's a load of tripe' but I happen to love it and am not giving up my subscription for anyone. I don't like Vogue US though. Sorry Anna. Also I've realized I sound like I hate woman's glossys. I don't, I actually subscribe to Elle.

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