Tuesday, 7 February 2012


It's been doing the rounds this last week but I have to say; I do like Victoria Beckham's Victoria diffusion line and it accompanying video. Apparently I'm not alone, it sold out from Harvey Nicks within a day. And as for her lack of fashion credentials (or to be blunt a degree and doing unpaid internships) I have to say whist it bugs me somewhat that she doesn't know what a toile is (as evidenced in last months vogue) she does know how to employ the right people and choose the right creative direction, even if she isn't the one doing colour pallets and fussing over fits. What it comes down to is she has good taste and alot of money and clout.

I really like the Victoria line for it's sweet girlish-ness, which is a good direction to take since I find her main line too minimal, too classic, too Donna Karen, too 'serious fashion'. Which is hardly surprising from the woman who said "which shall I wear the little Gucci dress or the little Gucci dress?"

It's still a very simple collection but I just can't resist cutesy cat prints and scalloped edges on things particularly shift dresses. Something in the paneling of this pink dress really appeals too. The dress at the top is so reminiscent of Luella although I can not see Luella having ever done the cat print. I really want to see how the scalloped collar sits in real life.

She also makes/has made for her a video which I love. Watching it I think that if you didn't tell me whose collection it was for (and I hadn't seen the clothes already) I'd never guess.

All images are from victoria beckham. All things used to make a pretty collage are from the pugly pixel, which I really recommend for things to make pretty blogs. My layout is from there too!

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