Friday, 30 March 2012

Things I Found And Liked

This article about Karl Lagerfeld's average day on Harpers Bazaar. He's every bit as odd as you'd expect and I find he so interesting. Also enjoyed seeing all the mess he leaves about the place.

Going with a french theme, I also found out about such a odd colab. Hello Kitty X Laduree. Although Hello Kitty does seem to collaborate with everyone and for a patisserie Laduree does sell some funny things.

Not only does the collaboration include special macarons but stationary too. 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Frilly shorts

After saying in this post that I would probably buy a bunch of sewing patterns and then never get round to sewing them, I bought the McCalls shorts pattern (M6328) and made up a pair of floral shorts. I'm really pleased with them, they are super cute. I'm definitely going to make the others in the pattern and I've already cut another pair in a different fabric out.

I really like the pastel trend for spring, and I think this is a nice look for it.

I got the cardigan from a friend who went to a fancy dress party as an old lady. I got her entire costume to wear.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Future Cinema; Bugsy Malone

On Friday I took a trip back to 1920's New York.

I should probably explain. Future Cinema put on nights that take cinema to a whole new level. I first heard about Future Cinema's Secret Cinema about 2 years ago. The idea? You buy your ticket, but you don't know what the film will be. Secret Cinema post on facebook and twitter with clues in the months leading up to the day. About a month before you're told the dress code (my first secret cinema experience was Bladerunner, the dress code; futuristic 40s) and which tube station you will meet at to be taken to a secret location. I got so excited at the tube station seeing everyone dressed up! From then on the experience is almost indescribable. you are taken to a place from the film, (for Bugsy Malone it's fat sam's grand slam, at Bladerunner it was that chinatown-esque slum Harrison Ford lives in) actors will approach you in character and interact with you, I was offered an audition for Fat Sam's and have been interview to see if I was a replicant. 

There's a bar and food, all fitting in with the film. This is the menu from Bugsy Malone, the name of the restaurant is the restaurant in the film. 

The details they put in are amazing. Everything from having to hand a book through a little window to get in to the lamps on the tables at Fat Sam's look just like the ones in the film.

Bugsy Malone wasn't actually a Secret Cinema, it was a secret back in 2009 and was so popular they brought it back. I love Bugsy Malone so I was thrilled to get a chance to go, having seen the pictures from it.

Before the film there were acts on stage some from the film, like Tallulah, others were just in the style of the film.

After all this, you sit down and watch the film. And at Bugsy, when the on-screen cream pie fight was about to begin, we were handed waterproof ponchos and cream pies...

After I fell over a table after being cream pie'd in the back of the head, everyone ran up on stage and sang along and danced, just like in the film. Afterwards there's dancing.

At £27 a ticket it isn't cheap, but it really is worth every penny, you'll be talking about it for months. If you do go, I recommend you just go with things. As we were queuing to get into the venue, a woman started shouting in new york accent that she knew a secret entrance but we had to run before the cops saw. No one else in the queue would follow her, but we just started running.

I can't not mention how good the actors are, staying character and improvising on the spot. 

Have you ever been to a future cinema or secret cinema? What was your experience?

Monday, 19 March 2012

Louis Vuitton for Less

Continuing with the dual themes of; my love of Spring Summer 12's pastel looks and also my total lack of funds, I went looking for some Louis Vuitton style looks. And ASOS delivered. They have some many lovely items, here are some favourites.


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Things I Found and Liked

Another post of things that I found and liked.

How amazing are these photos? Don't you wish you could go there? I wish I could have. They are photos from an exhibition for children in Brisbane called "We miss you, magic land" created by two artists calling themselves Pip and Pop. The super cute worlds are based on amongst things folk tales, video games and Buddhist cosmologies and were created using cake-decorating tools, intricate layers of sugar, glitter, modelling clay and mirrors. The exhibition is over now but you can still look at all the pretty pictures on flickr

Jump from Paper is a brand of bags from Taiwan that look like they have been drawn. They are really trippy, I can't stop looking at the photos trying to spot something that looks real. The zip is the give away.

They arn't expensive either at about $80 USD a pop, I'm seriously considering getting one.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Mulberry S/S '12 Lookbook

I picked up the Mulberry Spring/Summer '12 bags lookbook so I could further lust after their cookie bags. I also got a little bundle with large postcards with photos from the campaign. Some friends will be receiving some particularly stylish post soon.

 I love the ice cream cone embossing on the front of the lookbook.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Victoria Beckham For Less

Victoria Beckham's Victoria line sold out in record time. Sadly for me I can't afford the price tag on her clothes. However I can still be inspired by the collection and so can the designers on the high street. No one is going to be confused and think I robbed a bank (or Harvey Nicks) but I'll still look on trend and have a similar look.

I loved this pink scalloped dress for its bold graphic look and it's lovely cut. This green look-a-like from George at Asda is lovely too and a snip at £8.

This cat print is super cute and a nice change to the bird prints that are everywhere. Even Harper Seven  had a little dress made for her in this cat print. This pretty cat print dress from select has a similar look and is in this season's colour coral at only £18.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A New Coat

I have finally gotten a new coat. I find coats hard to buy since they are never quite right, never just what I wanted. I'd say this one is though. I've been wearing an army surplus coat for like 4 years now, but it's bulky and annoying. It doesn't exactly scream stylish. I like the look though of combining my more girly looks with the harder edged coat.

I found this Antoni and Alison Coat in TKMaxx for the bargain price of £80. Its totally waterproof with sealed seams (which brought out the sewing technique geek in me) but it doesn't smell like a Barbour Jacket which I hate the smell of. I was made to wear a Barbour jacket when I was little and my dislike of them has stuck.

I got my jumper in TK as well and I made my skirt myself. It came out a little see-thought but with opaque tights I think it works. The skirt is a longer length than I usually wear, since midi lengths don't suit me, but I think this looks okay.

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