Thursday, 8 March 2012

No ones gonna care if you don't care, so go and put some highlights in your hair

This outfit I wore for a night at the theatre. I like to get dressed up for the theatre even if it is old fashioned. I once went to the opera and because we were sat so high up some people hadn't bothered to get dressed up.

These tights are from M&S and cost £12. I'm still trying to find the right balance beween not-too-expensive tights and so-cheap-they-snag-in-seconds tights. I don't think it helps that I am particularly prone to ruining most of my clothes. There must be something about the way I walk the results in all the destroyed shoes and tights. I thought these tights might strike the balance, but no I've worn them 3 times and they have a massive snag. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts?

I made the velvet top myself and am pretty pleased with it. I think it looks just as nice as the topshop velvet tee.

And if you were wondering I saw Matilda at the theatre. I really recommend it to anyone, its very funny with amazing songs. We've been listening to the soundtrack ever since. The man who plays Miss Trunchbull is just too funny and her parents are hilarious in it too.

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