Sunday, 8 April 2012

Aztec Print Dress

Since my planned trip to Brighton got rained off (the first event of summer '12 to be thwarted by bad weather, probably of many) me and the boy decided to go into London and do more things off my 'list of things I want to do, but never have the time to'.

I wore my pretty, new aztec print dress which I'm super pleased with. I made it, from drafting the pattern to sewing it up, in under 4 and a half hours. As soon as I saw the jersey fabric I knew I had to have it and make a dress stat! I don't usually like Aztec prints or anything that could be described as 'tribal' but the pastel colours on this made it a must have. I also gave wearing ankle socks a go, after picking them up super cheap in Primark, but I don't think I'll brave wearing them with sandals just yet. The big black ribbon is one of my style staples. It's great for breaking up an outfit and super cheap too. I've also dyed my hair lilac in a bid to be more like Effie Trinket, although it hasn't taken very well.

We also went to see David Shrigley at the Southbank Centre, which I've wanted to see for a while since my mum went to see it without me. the exhibition shows more than just his illustrations and cartoons, but sculptures and animations too. I particularly liked the giant cup of tea (just the way I like it too, milk no sugars) and the rich tea biscuit nailed to the wall. I liked the idea of his 'public domain' art was made to last saying "I've never felt that I wanted anything I did to last, I don't want to perminantly alter the world, I don't feel I have the right to. Only the city council is allowed to change things forever."

There was also an exhibition by Jeremy Deller which I really enjoyed. There was a recreation of an art show he'd had in his bedroom whist his parent were on holiday in 1993 which I really liked the idea of. There was also the things from a parade he put on for the Manchester international Festival, a tribute to Manchester. One of the floats was a replica of a cafe in Bury, which you could sit inside (at the exhibition) and have a cup of tea and watch a video of the parade. I like the idea of art not being a thing but something that happened. I got annoyed at the sign though that said the places were 'main cities in greater Manchester' or something like that. Stockport is just about a town, not a city (which I'm allowed to say since I grew up there) and Tameside and Trafford aren't even towns. They are the 10 metropolitan borough councils that make up greater manchester. Do your research mr sign writer. There was also a video of all the things he had done that were art as an event not a thing.

I could say an awful lot more about these exhibitions but really I recommend going to see them for yourself.

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