Tuesday, 24 April 2012


1. Accessorize Pink Hat - I have a wedding to go to and am getting very excited at the prospect of a hat. I did get told off trying them on in John Lewis, for taking photos. How am I supposed to decide if it matches my dress if I don't have a picture!

2. Wallis Pleated Floral Skirt - This looks so much nicer on a person (or mannequin) than on the hanger.

3. Meadham Kirchhoff Lamb Tee - A little piece of the Meadham Kirchhoff S/S12 collection to keep forever.

4. Models Own X Hed Kandi Nail Polish - I love the rainbow sparkles, but I like all my nail varnishes to match which is why they are all Barry M.

5. Dorothy Perkins Rainbow Ombre Jumper - Madly in love with this ombre jumper. I can't work out how they dye in into so many colours or where the word 'ombre' came from. I'm pretty sure it's the same as dip dyed. Maybe this is like how my mum calls dungarees 'bib and braces' and jumpsuits 'catsuits'. She's not the only one, I heard a woman say that her daughter wanted some 'Bermuda shorts' and the daughter replied 'Muuuuum, They're not bermuda shorts they're board shorts'. Anyone else's mum use old fashioned words for things?

6. H&M Pleated Mint Skirt - Really feeling the mint green at the moment. I think everyone I know is getting a bit sick of me telling them just how much I love pastels.

7. Nail Rock for Oasis Nail Wraps - I haven't tried nail wraps yet, I keep meaning to and forgetting to buy some. I want floral ones and I really like the idea of Oasis using their own classic prints.

8. Oasis Bird Print Top

9. Apparently I can't count. At least not past 10.

10. Louche Cloud Jumper - Rainbows and mint, what a combo!

11. Ben de Lisi at Debenhams Pigeon Ornament - I have a real thing with pigeons. I'm terrified of one touching me (which anyone who has seen one fly near me can attest to) but I like the idea of them and looking at them. (I feel the same way about squirrels. Drawing of a squirrel? Cute! Actual squirrel? Run!) I also like pigeon's purple and green feathers and the idea that they are doves, but they've gotten a bit scruffy.

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Haylee said...

That pleated skirt is amazing, oh my gosh. I just ordered one similar but it's coral. Now I'm really wishing I would have bought that one. ha and I don't blame you, I am completely head over heels for pastels at the moment too.

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