Thursday, 10 May 2012

All Lost In The Supermarket

A more casual look than usual, for a day of going to the car boot sale and looking around the charity shops. I'm super pleased with the trousers from Primark which cost a bargianalious £5. I wanted some pastel jeans, but I'm not allowed to wear denim to work, so these pastel trousers were an ideal compromise. I put it with my really old varsity cardigan which is way too small for me, but I keep wearing it and my Clash tee. I think you should only wear band tees if you really love that band. I really annoys me when people wear them and can't even name a single song! (Ramones Jumper in Primark, I'm looking at you) I love The Clash though so I'm good. I get a really Danny Zukko at the very end of Grease vibe from this look, with the slimfit trousers and the black tee with a varsity cardigan. Everyone always asks me who 'Curby Sue' is and I don't know! I always say the 'H' stands for High School High though.

I finally gave Nail Rock a try too. I'm absolutely useless at applying it, but the instructions do say it takes practice. Good thing I have three more packets to use... I do love looking at my nails and seeing tiny teddies etc.

I found some great things too! This cute spring time tin for £1.

A pastel yellow Asos top for £4 that reminds me of this louis vuition look.

These Zandra Rhodes tights, which I can't decide whether to open up and wear or not. Or give them to my mum...

Some sixties design sheets that I will do a proper post on once I've done some research.

And these embroidery cards, that I will also do a proper post on once I have some more info.

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