Friday, 25 May 2012

Matte nail polish

I have wanted a matte top coat nail polish for quite a while now, but couldn't find one available in the uk. Apparently the best one is from hard candy and is sold in target in the us. But my America hook up failed me and couldn't find me one. So I was so pleased when I saw that rimmel had brought one out. 

My job means that my nail get chipped super easily so it can be hard to judge how long nail varnishes would last a normal person. I've tried out two different looks with the matte. I think it only works really well with certain colours, pastels particularly. I tried it with a yellow and had to take it off because it looked funny. It needs about two coats to look best and I think that after a few days it starts to look a bit more shiny, not a gloss as such but not as matte as it was. The brush is nice and wide and the finish is satiny.

I did this using the little circle stickers that you use on hole punched paper. The tutorial is here. When the matte shined up a bit you could see it wasn't as glossy as the none top coat part. Because I couldn't top coat the shiny part they had a little ridge on the nail which annoyed me a bit, I like my nails to be smooth.

I want to try doing this technique next.

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