Monday, 25 June 2012

One in Every Colour

Have you ever had something that you love so much you had several? I find that I am always buying the exact same thing several times over, just in different colours. So every Monday (hopefully) I will share something that is just so right I'd buy one in every colour.

I've starting to notice a pastel theme running through these posts, I'm just really loving the pastels atm. I love these sleeveless blouses from Glamourous which is odd for me, since I dont like anything sleeveless. I think it just looks too masculine but the lace and girl colours certainly counteract that.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Things I Found and Liked; Bye Bye Birdy

For some reason, I have a real thing for birds. I love anything with a bird print on them and I always look out for different types of bird when I'm out and about. I try to learn all the different names of the common ones in the UK. So when I saw these amazing bird lego sets, I wanted them. You can't buy them just yet, but you can vote for them to be made.

This is an illustration of a jubilee bird I drew for my friend Hannah. When we lived together I used to draw picture of all the different birds I'd seen in our garden as a record.

Fortunately for me, birds are everywhere at the moment. Here are some of my favourite birdy items.

Monday, 18 June 2012

One in Every Colour

Have you ever had something that you love so much you had several? I find that I am always buying the exact same thing several times over, just in different colours. So every Monday (hopefully) I will share something that is just so right I'd buy one in every colour.

I just plain couldn't pick between these dresses from Dorothy Perkins which colour to have. They are available in CoralLavender and Navy.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Vintage Railway Posters

I was walking through Richmond Train Station a few weeks ago and where they had been changing the frames that the advert posters go in to had reveled a bunch of old posters. I must have looked like a right odd one taking photos of a train station wall, but one of the things I love about London is the mixture of the old with the new. You can get a fancy new air conditioned tube or you can hop on one of the 10 1960s stock route master buses. Which I once did with my dad, who grew up in London. He wanted to jump off the back whilst it was still moving 'for old times sake'. He told me not to jump, because it takes practice. I did anyway and wound up flat on my face on the pavement.

At first I thought they were some kind of faux vintage look posters. I like the optimistic tag line of "We're getting there". They could probably do with going back to that.

I don't know what to make of the implication that Guernsey is so kind of tropical paradise.

Seeing these photos reminded me of some other I took last summer of the tube stations that still had old fashioned parts.

Friday, 15 June 2012


1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Jelly Mouse Shoes - I don't know how comfy jelly ballet flats are, I've always imagined quite uncomfortable, but these mouse shoes are so cute. A little different from all the cat ones about at the moment too.

2. Oasis Tribal Tee - I don't usually care for anything 'tribal' but this tee is alot more subtle than usual and reminds me alot of Holly Fulton.

3. River Island Blue Polka Dot Shirt - I just love the shade of blue on this blouse. Perfect!

4. Matalan Pink Pleated Eclipse Hem Skirt - Matalan isn't somewhere I'd usually shop, but I was walking past and spotted this jersey skirt and I haven't stopped thinking about it. Again the exact shade of pink is perfect.

5. Oasis Bow Hair Band - So everyone can tell I'm a girl.

6. Oasis Blue Shorts - Really loving Oasis at the moment. The cut on these shorts is just amazing. I haven't actually seen them in store yet... I really hope they fit as well as they look.

7. Zara Peplum Dress

8. See By Chloe Make Up Bag

9. Jeffery Campbell for Office Platforms - I'm really loving all the shoes Jeffery Campbell has done for Office but these are a particular favourite.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Dinosaurs and Big Cats

I kept walking past this skirt in the window of H&M and thinking I'd like that. Eventually I walked past with the boy who said "Buy the damned skirt and stop talking about it". The first time I saw it, I thought it had dinosaurs on it, which immediately appealed. On closer inspection it actually had leopards on it. But I'm not the only one to make the mistake, several people have commented on my 'dinosaur' skirt. It has an elasticated waistband which makes it very comfy to wear, and for the price of £7.99 it was well worth it.

I made the collar myself, you can find my tutorial here.

Monday, 11 June 2012

One in Every Colour

Have you ever had something that you love so much you had several? I find that I am always buying the exact same thing several times over, just in different colours. So every Monday (hopefully) I will share something that is just so right I'd buy one in every colour.
I do actually own all these socks, they are just right! They are soft and look really good with wedges or ballet pumps for a sweet girly look. I have rather ugly feet so covering them up with something so nice is always a good option. They are also not too high, an issue I have with most ankle socks. And unlike the socks I bought in Primark which got several holes in them the first time I wore them, these Topshop socks have fast become a summer staple for me.

Saturday, 9 June 2012


I've recently gotten really into instagram. You can follow me on nadiacupcake.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Fred Butler

Fred Butler is an accessories designer with a super fun, rainbow coloured, twist. She designs props for magazine shoots as well as her collection. She designed the telephone hat that Lady Gaga wore in the video for Telephone. I first came across Fred Butler from seeing her around at London Fashion Week. You couldn't not notice her with her brightly coloured clothes and shiny accessories. At the last LFW, the queue to get into her salon show was terrifyingly long.

These images are from her A/W  '12/13 collection 'Tank Top-Ranking Tongue-Tied and Twisted'

I adore the bright, yet pastel, colours used and the slight 70s vibe it all has.

The photography on this shoot is also amazing, I love the magical quality the images have.

The long multicoloured tubes remind me of the marshmallows that are shaped like twists and are multicoloured my mum used to buy in a massive tub from costco. I think they are called flumps.

Texture is super important to me, I walk round the shops grabbing at all the clothes to see what they feel like. I really want to squish these piece, I can imagine they have a really nice texture.

Knitted knickers are a bit of a love of mine, they're such an odd thing. 

I can not get enough of how their jumpers match their hair. This is definitely one for me to try out. I'd really like to have mint green hair too, but I'm not sure how I'd achieve that.

These knitted shoes are a dream. I just can't stop looking at them, I even made this photo my desktop background. They are so beautiful.

All images are from Fred Butler Style

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Four Quarters

I've wanted this dress for ages. Ever since I saw it in a photo of a New Look press day, on a blog (I don't remember which) in, like, November. It's got a House of Holland S/S '12 vibe to it alothough that's not why I love it. I just really love the colour blocking and the bold black collar. I was so excited when I first saw it in shops, but I had to wait until payday to buy it. Then I bought it. And it sat in it's carrier bag for two weeks because I wasn't sure if I'd keep it. 

Then another week in the bag as it became my back up dress for a wedding I was going to (although I don't think it would have been dressy enough. Others disagree. Opinions??). By the time I actually put it on and wore it out, (when it was still sunny as you can tell from these pictures) my love and excitement for it was gone. The fact that it matched my shoes so well was a nice bonus, but really I feel like I should have just worn it the second I bought it like I usually do. Has this happened to any of you?

This is also my entry for the competition on LeaLeaHo to win a new blog header. Wish me luck!

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