Thursday, 7 June 2012

Fred Butler

Fred Butler is an accessories designer with a super fun, rainbow coloured, twist. She designs props for magazine shoots as well as her collection. She designed the telephone hat that Lady Gaga wore in the video for Telephone. I first came across Fred Butler from seeing her around at London Fashion Week. You couldn't not notice her with her brightly coloured clothes and shiny accessories. At the last LFW, the queue to get into her salon show was terrifyingly long.

These images are from her A/W  '12/13 collection 'Tank Top-Ranking Tongue-Tied and Twisted'

I adore the bright, yet pastel, colours used and the slight 70s vibe it all has.

The photography on this shoot is also amazing, I love the magical quality the images have.

The long multicoloured tubes remind me of the marshmallows that are shaped like twists and are multicoloured my mum used to buy in a massive tub from costco. I think they are called flumps.

Texture is super important to me, I walk round the shops grabbing at all the clothes to see what they feel like. I really want to squish these piece, I can imagine they have a really nice texture.

Knitted knickers are a bit of a love of mine, they're such an odd thing. 

I can not get enough of how their jumpers match their hair. This is definitely one for me to try out. I'd really like to have mint green hair too, but I'm not sure how I'd achieve that.

These knitted shoes are a dream. I just can't stop looking at them, I even made this photo my desktop background. They are so beautiful.

All images are from Fred Butler Style

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Megan said...

Wow, these photos are awesome! I love how creative the designer is, those shoes are amazing! xo

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