Sunday, 19 August 2012

Review of Primark Nail Foils

I saw these nail wraps in Primark and thought, since they were only £1, I'd risk it for a biscuit. I decided to try out the Union Jack ones first to support team GB. I have previously used Nail Rock ones, I didn't do too badly with them, but I wasn't the neatest. The first set lasted the prescribed 10 days, the second set came off after a day...

I could tell straight away that you get what you pay for as soon as I opened them. Some were already torn, and a few more tore as I was trying to get them up off the paper.

They tore even more as I was applying them, so some nails have missing corners. They aren't particularly well designed as the positioning is a bit odd, unless you have some major claws (My nails are pretty long) The sizing was a bit odd too, so some nails have a gap.

They got the same little folds in them that I had with the Nail Rock, I think the curve of my nails must be a bit odd.

The one thing I did like about these Primark nail foils was that I could make the cuticle edges really neat as the foil could be removed from the skin around the fingers with an orange stick.

After one day (admittedly my job is tough on my nails, but the nail rock lasted 10 days) they looked like this;

Horrible. And to get them off I literally had to scrape them away which left a sticky residue.

I tried these black and gold leopard print ones the next day, they didn't look as awful at the end of the day, but they weren't good enough to keep on.

Basically, for £1, they would be okay for a night out, but wouldn't last a week like other nail foils can.

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