Friday, 17 August 2012

Where did July go?

Or August for that matter?

So it looks like I accidentally took a month or so off blogging. I didn't plan to, it just happened, since I had a lot going on. I had a couple of job interviews to prepare for, moved house, watched more Olympics than ever before (for Beijing, my sister and I had to sit up all night!) and actually got to see a few events, went to Brighton for the first time, went for picnics and got a new kitten.

If you follow me on twitter (@nadiacupcake) or instagram (@nadiacupcake) this is all old news to you, but I thought a little instagram (with some linecam thrown in for good measure) post would be appropriate.

1 & 3. Absolutely in love with the Meadham Kirchhoff visual merchandising for Topshop. I must stop wanting to be a mannequin. I love their blonde curls!
2. Hair inspiration from the mannequins in Forever 21
4. Leopard print and floral nails. I'm crap at nail art, but my sister is pretty good.
5. Pretty packaging in China town
6. Whirly chair in the entrance of the V&A. This is art I can get on board with. If you're in South Kensington I recommend having a go, they're super fun!
7. Ballad of... Baby K magazine. My shorts from my final collection were in this magazine!
8. The best dress in the V&A Ballgowns exhibition. You're not allowed photos, but as always I sneakily took one. The exhibition is okay, smaller than I expected and nowhere near as good as the golden age of couture. I think that when they were sorting out the archives they were like 'damn we have a lot of pretty dresses, I recon there's an exhibition in this'. I have heard they have so many in their archives that some just rot and they have to turn so much stuff down because they can't store everything.
9. A picnic on my scooter. When Virgin Media came to sort out our internet, the man saw my (very pink) scooter and assumed we had kids. So he brought in a virgin media themed colouring sheet for them. The bf had to explain that we did not have children, but I would probably do a colouring sheet. I did.
10. Making a bid to eat better. It hasn't gone well.
11. A trip on the new Emirates 'air line' (I think sky line is better, but there you go) Blog post featuring this to come.

But I'm back full of new ideas for posts!

Sorry for the image heavy post!

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