Sunday, 30 September 2012

Charity shop haul post

I don't usually get a right lot in the charity shops, mostly because the charity shops where I live are rubbish! I've tried the charity shops in Richmond and Kensington too, but I was pretty disappointed in them too. They are all overpriced and full of primark things. In one in Richmond I saw a jersey dress that was all faded and bobbley (I wouldn't have even donated it) and they wanted £15 for it! Ridiculous. I know that the money is for a good cause, but no one wants to buy rubbish. So when I was at home I paid a visit to Stockport (about to become one of Mary Portas's Pilot towns to have their shopping centres regenerated and I'm not surprised. Apparently it has the most empty store fronts on in the northwest. As my sister says "Local Pride!"). And the charity shops have certainly improved since my last visit. I was really impressed by the Cancer Research on Prince's Street (that's the precinct round the back of the main precinct). It has a really good vintage section at the back, which has records and vintage homeware as well as clothing. There was a lot of really nice things but I got just what I had been looking for; a chunky knit jumper. This one looks homemade and was only £6. I was going to put spikes in the shoulders and dip dye it but I decided not to, since it's the kind of jumper you'd keep forever.

I also was very impressed by Stockport Mind's shop (I couldn't actually remember which shop I got these things but that it was a local charity and on the underbank and this is the only one. I have some serious detective skills) with its vintage section upstairs. I got this houndstooth pencil skirt for just £4.

And this amazing pleated sleeve blouse for £3.50. Judging by the fact it's made from polyester and the label I think it's from the 70s. I really like that they had chosen out the best vintage items and made an effort to make nice displays, use vintage wallpaper etc. I think they charge a little extra, but I don't mind for the ease of all the best bits being put together and I think it will draw new customers.

I also got this cute vintage book in a charity shop in Buxton for just 50p. I can add it to my collection.

And can anyone please recommend any good charity shops in London?

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Rainbow Gatherer said...

I love charity shops but they are a bit expensive in London.

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