Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Grease is the Word; Future Cinema

I've talked on here before about future cinema and secret cinema, so I shalln't repete myself explaining what it is, but you can read a previous post here. So to briefly summarise, future/secret cinema is like stepping into a particular film. I've been twice before to Bugsy Malone and Blade Runner. So I was crazy excited when I received an email for enrolment at Rydell High.

For those of you who aren't big fans, Rydell High is the school from Grease. This was the biggest future cinema event I've seen, held on Barnes Common, with fair ground rides, burger bar, school gym (for the dance of course), Frenchy's house and a whole bunch more, all done up to look just like in the film. 

I've said previously that participation is what makes these event amazing, and dressing up is definitely part of that. I don't think 50's is a difficult theme to pull together (lots of high waisted shorts and blouses tied in a knot, simples), but some people couldn't even pretend they'd tried. I always go a bit over board on these things and really got dressed up. 

I had my hair done in a retro style at the hairdressers, since I have been looking for an excuse to have my hair done like Frenchie when she's a beauty school dropout. Which also means I'm back to pink hair. I wore a lemon top from Asos via the charity shop, a primark cardigan which my boss sewed sequins on the back for me (I don't recommend this cardigan, it literally fell apart and I had to take it back. I was going to swap it for another one the same, but all the ones on the rail either had holes or looked like they were going to come apart at the seams) and I made my own skirt from this Miu Miu lookalike fabric and my own petticoat. I wore Topshop bobby socks and my glitter brogues. I also made my aunt and my cousins skirts and petticoats.

My favourite moments were definitely dancing with Sandy and Cha Cha in the school gym and a fight breaking out between the two gangs resulting in the 'owner' of the burger bar getting whipped cream in the face. It was an open air event and I was a bit worried about my hair and the rain (I didn't have the sense to take an umbrella -clearly I forgot I live in England) as well as what it'd be like to watch the film soaked through... Fortunately the rain held off.

I had a really great time and will probably be banging on about this night for a long time to come. Did anyone else go?

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