Monday, 24 September 2012

My first haul post

I've never done a haul post before, mostly because I don't tend to go out and buy a lot of stuff at once, I tend to either go out to buy something specific or just to look around, then I go back and buy the things I can't stop thinking about. Does anyone else do this? But when I was in Manchester I went a bit mad, especially since the vintage shops are so much cheaper than in London.

I got these two cute tops in Topshop in the Arndale (where the staff were super friendly -I kept being asked if I need any help) I love the pink tops collar. It's quite princessy.

This lacy top was only £16 and is really cute. I think I might get it in the other colours too.

I love this pink vintage dress, which I got in Retro Rehab down Oldham Street. Retro Rehab is one my favourite vintage shops in Manchester. The clothes are well chosen and nicely displayed. I always find something I like. A lot of the clothes are already adjusted to make them a little more modern (hems taken up, waists nipped in) because how many times have you bought a vintage dress, thought 'I must take up that hem' and then it sits in the sewing pile for 3 years.

I also got these three jumpers in the second hand shop at the top of Oldham Street, it used to be called Mr. Ryan's Second Hand Superstore, but I don't think it is anymore. They also sell alot of things from Ryan Vintage (I don't think it's called that anymore either) that obviously didn't sell. They were just what I'd been looking since I love this one so much.

There is a stain on it, but hopefully I'll be able to get it out. I want to dip dye this jumper.

I went to about three different TK Maxx's because as I have mentioned before, my mum is a TK addict. But she does know how to find the best bargains in there (Anyone interested in a Mama's TK Maxx Haul post?) She's had Chloe skirts and Misoni coats before all for a fraction of the price. So I got some Models Own Nail Polishes for £7.99 for 3, which is pretty good considering their individual cost price. They had a few different sets there, but this was the only set I saw where I liked all three colours. I saw these in all the TK Maxx's I went in, so there's a good chance you'll find some in yours.

In TK, I also got a new handbag since the clasp on my current one broke and kept clicking and driving me insane. This one is from Antoni and Alison and was only £59.99 reduced from £150.

I also got this really nice top from TK, which I also find interesting from a pattern cutting point of view because it's actually shaped like a big semi-circle.

I got this deer scarf in a cute boutique in Buxton, I was really pleased to find it as I saw a girl wearing one at the zoo but didn't get chance to ask her where it was from.

I also got this hairband from the sparkly jewelry shop next to Nawaab. Everything in the shop is covered in crystals and so sparkly. It looks crazy sparkly in artificial light.

So what does everyone think to my first haul post? Do people like haul posts or do you find them boring?

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