Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Flat Shoes; The Cost

Despite my love of a beautiful pair of heels, I spend almost everyday in my flats. Usually a pair of ballet flats, which are a total wardrobe staple for me or more recently brogues. I have been looking to strike the perfect balance between cost and quality on ballet flats for quite a while now, when I read this on Pretty Much Penniless about the same thing. I started to think about my attitude towards shoes. Why is it that I'm willing to spend £70+ on a pair of spectacular high heels that I will only wear occasionally and will remain pretty much pristine but begrudge paying more than £20 for a pair of shoes that I will wear everyday?

I usually justify the heels with their added snazz (I don't buy boring heels....), "of course they're expensive, they're knitted/covered in glitter/like half a metre off the ground..." whereas my everyday shoes aren't very exciting (plain and black mostly).

Maybe I don't like spending a lot on the mundane. I don't like forking out for a pair of shoes, like a plain black pair, when I know I can get a similar pair for a fraction of the price elsewhere. Whereas when was the last time you saw shoes that could easily be mistaken for Irregular Choice in Primark or New Look? I also think that since my everyday shoes won't last forever (whereas I have party shoes that are 5 years old and still looking good, mostly due to the fact they've been worn 3 times in the last year) I don't see the point in investment. I have had £50 ballet flats from Office and they didn't last either. But did they last longer than a £10 pair from New Look? I honestly don't know. I don't think it helps that I tend to wear the same shoes day in, day out for a week or two then switch. Perhaps ballet flats just aren't a durable style of shoe.

I have decided to document my new shoes and record how long they last to decide once and for all. Where do the best quality for the best price ballet flats come from?

How do you feel about cheap shoes? Do you prefer to make an investment?

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