Saturday, 20 October 2012

Shopping for Sensible Shoes

I've been looking for some shoes that last longer than a few weeks and looking to spend a bit more money on a better quality flat shoes. I talk more about it in this post so I shalln't repeat myself. These are a few that I've got my eye on. I've looked in places I wouldn't normally look for shoes like John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and Clarks. I think that look for shoes from somewhere that is known for quality or specialises in shoes is a better place to find quality, than a fashion brand that also does shoes. I personally find that Topshop has particularly poor quality shoes with such thin soles! I find it so annoying because some of the styles are really nice.

1. Dune Bow Front Ballerina Pump - £55 - These shoes are made from suade and I'm looking for a pair of shoes that are leather or suade. I like the oversized bow.

2. Dune Glitter Bow Trim Ballerina - £12 (reduced from £40) - Getting shoes in the sale is going to be a way to get better quality shoes for a low price. These ones arn't going to last very long because they are glittery, but they are very pretty.

3. Dr Martens Polina shoe - £63 (reduced from £90) - Dr Martens are the first brand I thought of when I thought of shoes that would last. I used to always have Dr Martens boots for school shoes, if they can withstand a child running around, they'll manage my clumping about. I'll always remember my patent boots with rainbow stitching, but I wanted a pair that weren't too clumpy looking. I love these.

4. Dune Patent Pointed Toe Lace Up Brogue - £40 (reduced from £80) - I'd rather have a pair of ballet flats as they are quicker to slip on in the morning (after I've over-slept again and spent the last 10 minutes shouting 'Where is my other shoe? Who has hidden my other shoe?') but they do keep my feet warmer in cold weather, which I really ought to consider since I get chilblains. 

5. Kurt Geiger Patent Ballet Flats - £35 (reduced from £70)

6. Clarks Carousel Ballet Flats - £29.99 - These are very simple classic ballet flats, the kind I go through hundreds of pairs of because they go with everything. I hope if I go to Clarks to buy these, they'll let me stand on the machine that measures your feet for school shoes.

7. Dune Ballerina Bow Pump - £55 - These shoes are made of leather sand have a pretty classic look.

8. Marks and Spencer Black Ballet Flats - £19.50 - These are the cheapest pair of shoes on my list but they are leather and people do bang on abouts M&S's quality so I think I'll be alright.

9. Collection WEEKEND by John Lewis Pixies Sequin Ballerina Pumps - £30 - Another pair that won't last forever but would be perfect for winter. I love sparkly shoes in winter.

10. Bertie Black T-Bars - £65 - I'm a bit less keen on T-Bars because they aren't as easy to slip on in a hurry.

11. Somerset by Alice Temperley at John Lewis Pony Ballerina Pumps - £110 - I've never had a pair of pony skin shoes so I don't know if the hairs get messed up easily or not. You're obviously paying extra for Alice Temperley name, but maybe I could pick a pair up in the sales.

12. Kurt Geiger Patent Bow Pumps - £85 - These shoes are made from leather and Kurt Geiger party shoes are always lovely. But some of the shoes on the Kurk Geiger are synthetic and they still want £80+ for them. I am checking that the shoes I buy are leather.

13. Bertie Stitched Bow T-Bar - £65 - These leather T-bars have such a cute stitched bow. I don't usually go for brown shoes, but I really like these.

Maybe I should just go and learn to make my own shoes.


Helen said...

The black bertie t-bars are my favourite - they look like the t-bar is quite low down so you might be able to still slip them on and off.

Hips Like Cinderella said...

Oooh love the Bertie brown t-bars!

I always try to buy my winter shoes from somewhere like Clarks as they last for ages, and I resent paying a fortune for Topshop shoes which are actually pretty crap quality! I saw some lovely brown brogues in Clarks today, which I'm going to go and buy tomorrow!

I think the Dr Marten ones look very 'you'!


Nadia said...

I think I'm gonna take a trip to Clarks next week too.

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