Monday, 19 November 2012

Homemade Presents; Making chutney

I love christmas and I spend alot of time getting ready for it. One of my favourite things is giving people presents. I'm a big believer in thoughtful gifts (has anyone ever received a 'gift set' and thought just what I wanted) but I don't think you have to spend a lot money to give well thought out presents. I give a lot of homemade presents so I've lots of posts planned with my ideas and advice on them.

It's early days, but if you're going to make christmas presents you need plenty of time to make them! Last year I made Christmas Hampers with 2 kinds of chutney, fudge, coconut ice and peppermint creams. It took quite a while to get all these items made, but it was really worth it as people seemed really pleased with them; My bf's mum called his nana on Christmas Day to tell her about her hamper and I've spent all year being asked if I'll be making coconut ice again this year.

Chutney needs to sit for at least 4 weeks to not taste vinegary so it's time to start making that now. I save up nice jars all year, but you can always buy them in shops or online. You can also buy some cheap jam (I've seen it for about 34p in Sainsburys) and make some batches of jam tarts to get the jars. Plus everyone will get jam tarts!

I really recommend Mary Berry's Chirstmas Chutney recipe.

I made this recipe up based on several different recipes I found online and it worked very well for me. You can also find lots of great recipes online. This made 5 jars of chutney.

I used;

650Kg of Red Onions
650Kg of White Onions (buy your onions at a vegetable market - they will be cheaper)
150mls of Red Wine Vinegar
150mls of Balsamic Vinegar (Don't worry about buying fancy vinegars, it all gets boiled up anyway so it won't make much difference)
6 Cloves of Garlic
4 Tablespoons of Honey
200g Caster Sugar
Waxed Discs

Peel and chop all your and garlic onions up. I do mine in the blender to get them extra fine. Did I mention your house is going to smell like onions and vinegar for days?

Put them in a massive saucepan with a little oil, till they go soft. Don't turn the heat up too high, you'll burn them.

Pour in the vinegar, honey and sugar and bring to the boil.

Let it all simmer and reduce the liquid away. You'll know its ready when if you mix the onions, the gaps don't fill with liquid. Just before all the liquid is gone, put your jars (without the lids) in a hot oven to sterilise them.

Once all the liquid is gone, carefully take your hot jars out of the oven, wrap it in a tea towel so you can hold it steady and fill each one up with chutney. Put a waxed disc on top of each jar and screw the lid on. If the jar is hot enough the poppy thing on the lid will seal back up.

Leave the jars to cool.


Hips Like Cinderella said...

What a sweet idea. Would love to see a post how to make coconut ice! Yummo. x

Nadia said...

I will do a post on coconut ice! it's super easy to make :)

bethanbrown said...

hi! great post :D i have wanted to make my own chutney for a while so i will be giving it a go :D found your blog after spotting you commenting on punky pugs and came to have a look, am now following you :D xx

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