Sunday, 2 December 2012

Bows and Stars

I went to the V&A to go see Hollywood Costumes, on Friday, with my mum, auntie and cousin, since my sister had been raving about it. We didn't think we'd get in since all the advance booking tickets were sold out, however on the day we could get tickets. This exhibition is well worth the £14 (unlike the ballgowns one), although it was bloody rammed. You basically walked around in one big queue. It was also like this when my sister went. I didn't get any photos because it's quite dark in there, also there are people telling you off for taking photos. I won't say what/whose costumes are in there, because I think thats part of the fun. I will say that there were some really iconic costumes, some really surprising costumes and some really nice costumes. In someways I was almost surprised that they had managed to get hold of these items, although after Harry Potter Studio Tour I shouldn't be. It was also the most technologically advanced exhibition I've ever been to with fancy screens, projections and shadows where nothing is there (look on the bird cage on 'The Birds' bit)

We also saw the Light from the Middle East photographic exhibition, which was an odd exhibition in someways as the only thing connecting the photos was the middle east. My favourites were a series of photos of Egyptian (I think) workers from South Sheilds in the 70s. I liked the way they all wore a smart jacket, but some had a big wooly jumper underneath because it's so cold. I also liked a series of photos of women where they traditionally have objects that show their aspirations, but because the were westernized they had cool sunglasses and pepsi. I didn't take any photos, because I think it's weird to take photos of photos. I really recommend both exhibitions.

Since I don't have any pictures from the exhibitions and I managed to get some picture of my outfit, I'll share those instead.

I tied a length of ribbon around my neck ala this blouse, I think it looks quite cute.

 Jumper; TK Maxx Tee; Charity Shop Skirt; Homemade Shoes; New Look

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