Monday, 25 February 2013

Would Like To Sew

After my post around this time of year, last year of clothes I'd like to sew, I thought I'd do it again, partly to show you what sewing patterns are out there and partly as a motivational thing for me to get my arse in gear and actually use up some of that fabric I have hoarded away. (Despite the fact I actually only sewed one thing from my last would like to sew post.)

New Look 6143; I love this party dress, I think I'd make dress E (the red polka dot one) exactly as it is, with red and white polka cotton and white power mesh, except I'd probably add in sleeves as I think the tops of my arms are a bit funny looking.

Burda 7063; I really love this cute and casual blouse, it will be perfect for summer. Although the american website describes it as 'almost a little frumpy' which I dont really see how that sells it... I'm going to make the blouse in a blue ala these ones and white polka dot and maybe a red and white striped one with a lace collar. I might make up the dress too, in a pink with birds that I have stashed away. I wish the sunglasses were included too.

New Look 6051; I actually already have this pattern, it's one of those I bought ages ago and still haven't gotten around to sewing it. At least I haven't bought the fabric for it yet...

New Look 6130; I don't much care for the trousers or the pencil skirt, but I love the peplum top. I could make it in a satin for an evening type look or floral cotton for a day time look. It's worth it at the moment because New Look patterns are currently on offer for £2.95.

New Look 6125; I have already used this pattern to make my halloween costume but I was thinking that I could make it up again in a nicer fabric. I wouldn't bother with putting in a zip this time I found it was loose enough to pull over my head. I'd take it in somewhat too. The model on this picture must be very tall, I shortened the pattern for my costume and it was still too long, I don't think I'm that short...

Burda 7052; The two sleeveless blouses are really nice, but I just don't like the sleeves with the massive shoulders, it looks so unflattering.

Friday, 22 February 2013

A Sunday at the London transport museum

Since I'm a bit of a London transport nerd, I have been begging everyone I know for about a year to come with me to the London transport museum. Finally my cousin agree to come with me for an exciting sunday out. Although it turns out a lot more people would have been interested if I'd have mentioned they serve cocktails there. Tfl themed cocktails, no less. I had a metropolitan with a little tube logo ice cube.

For such a day out I wore quite a boyish outfit for me, with my Sonia Rykiel wool shorts and a batman sweatshirt stolen from the bf. I'm starting to get quite excited for the summer but it's still a bit chilly (read; bloody freezing) for shorts etc, so I think these wool shorts are a pretty good compromise. I got them in a charity shop in pimlico for £2.99.

It cost £15 to go into the museum, but I think you can go as many times as you like for a year. I used a paper train ticket instead of oyster for the day so I could take advantage of the 2-4-1 when you travel by train offer. I really recommend using this site if you can buy british rail tickets since the savings can be pretty big. The picture below is the long paper that changes the destination on the front of the bus.

There is currently an exhibition on of posters from the tube, since it's the underground's 150th year, which was the sort of thing I was interested in. I love the abstract tiger one for the zoo, I may actually have to go buy a print of this. The one with flamingos on is advertising what is essentially Lates at London Zoo. Can you believe they did that back in the 60s? No cocktails though, I'll bet.

I agree with the top poster advertising the tube as being warm in the winter (My favourite line in winter is the central line because it's toasty warm) but I strongly disagree with the poster saying it's cool on the tube is summer... yeah right!

 I also got the pretend to drive a bus. I think I look a bit too cheerful to be a bus driver though...

Afterwards we went to this funny little Korean cafe, the windows and walls were covered in post-it notes and there were probably about 10 seats total in there. However the food was amazing, I really recommend it, if you're ever round the back of TCR.

Sunday, 17 February 2013


1. Miss Selfridge Cat Jumper - Another jumper with a cat on. I just can't resist.
2. Wellipets Frog Wellies - These are perfect for the miserable weather we are having and still great for festivals in the summer. I used to really want a pair of these when I was little, but my mum bought me a pink sparkly pair instead. I was really disappointed  This was probably the only time in my life I didn't want the pink sparkly ones. However, I think I've found this pair in adult sizes.
3. MissGuided Rucksack - This bag reminds me of a paper bag for sweets. There's something about a rucksack that makes me think of summertime adventures.
4. Batiste Dry Shampoo - Oh this Batiste would look so pretty in my bathroom, so much prettier than the brightly coloured cans. It's almost worth paying the extra.
5. L'Oreal Pink Dye - I'm really looking forward to trying this out, but I can't find much info on it...
6. Topshop Blouse - This blouse is the perfect blouse. It checks all the boxes; peter pan collar, buttons up to the top, cap sleeved, white.
7. Boohoo Platform Shoes - These don't need me to say anything, other than 'ONLY £20??'
8. Boohoo Pinafore  - to wear with my topshop blouse...

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Jeremy Scott for Adidas

I'm not usually one for designer collaborations with sportswear brands, having absolutely zero interest in sportswear and 'street' fashion. (The one exception is reading sportswear international which has some amazing spreads and as far as I'm concerned very little to do with sportswear) However I saw these teddybear trainers in Offspring, and I love them.

A little bit of look at things online and I found out the collection was a collaboration with Jeremy Scott, so no surprises that I like it. The collaboration originally launched in 2008 but since I don't pay much attention to things like this, this is the first time I've really looked at it. Since I love ridiculous and impractical shoes, I'm already saving up for a pair. These are a few of my favourites.

All images taken from or

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Google Web Lab

On Sunday, I went to the Science Museum, because they had a weekend on the science of zombies, but I actually became more interested with the google web lab exhibition. When you go in there is a disclaimer;

When you get in you get given a card with a unique combination of shapes which you use to interact with the exhibitions. This is mine and my brothers.

The first 'experiment' was writing and playing a tune on these large instrument type things. Mine didn't save properly.

The second was to look into a viewer to look at a live camera streaming from a location in another country controled by you. You could also take photos. My favourite was watching the people at Amelia's 24 hour Bakery.

The third was to have your picture drawn by a robot. My picture wasn't the best, but I don't think it was ever going to be. I filmed the robot drawing my picture, as you can see in this video, but the one that Google made was better.

I didn't really understand the fourth experiment...

I quite enjoyed the experiment and it's pretty good that you can look at your results at home online. The queues weren't too bad, but it was 5pm on a Sunday, I can imagine they are worse at other times. If you're in South Kensingston, I recommend a look. You can also have a go online.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Has anyone else been following couture fashion week? Despite the fact that I think it's wholly irrelevant (only around 5000 people in the world wear couture) and has basically no influence on trends as far as I'm concerned, I still like to look at the shows. Most of them are what a little girl thinks of fashion as being a.k.a pouffy  sparkly, frilly dresses, which I actually quite like. The craftsmanship and time that goes into them is just unbelievable  watch the Valentino documentary for a great example of this. The shows are usually more spectacular, which makes sense because really the shows are just adverts for handbags, sunglasses and perfume (a.k.a where the money is)

Anyway, here are some favourite bits and pieces from the couture shows. There's no Valentino on this collage because I liked it so much, it will probably get its own post.

All images are from

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Daddy, Who were The Clash?

This outfit is my dedication to Luella's second collection 'Daddy, Who Were The Clash?' The Luella jacket is not from that season at all, but I love it so much. I made the Blackwatch tartan trousers myself, after not being able to afford the pair in my wishlist or the pair featured in Betty Magazine. I'm pretty pleased with them as they aren't too baggy but are super comfortable. I used Butterick Pattern 5614 again, I love it when I get more than one use out of my patterns. I have a bad habit of loosing the pieces.

This is what I wore for a trip to Camden with my fam. Maybe a slightly cliche outfit to wear, but  then I did see a boy in a banana suit so I was at least better dressed than him. My brother has never been to Camden and is 16 so I thought he'd really enjoy it. We went on a Saturday, so obviously the crowds were awful. I haven't been to Camden in the daytime in ages and I remember why... The place being full of idiots, the fact that most of the shops sell the same lame novelty tees, did I mention the crowds? I really wanted to pick up a couple of new band tees, and maybe of of those tops with the dripping double Cs on, but honestly I just got annoyed. 3 things made up for this; a trip to The Diner, a look in the Irregular Choice shop and a bubble tea.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

MultiColoured Polka Dot Nails

Do you ever find that you only ever use a nail polish once before you get a new one and then never use it again. It's kinda boring to paint your nails the same all the time (unless it's glittery) I'm trying to use some of my old nail polishes in new ways to get some more use out of them.
Today I've painted them with a Kiko nail polish in colour 319 and then done polka dots in different colours using my Barry Ms.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Houndstooth dress

I made this dress using burda pattern 7132. This is one of those rare patterns where I really like all the garments on the envelope, rather than buying a pattern for just one thing. I got really carried away and bought enough fabric to make 2 dresses, 2 peplum tops, 1 skirt and a jacket. So far I've made one dress. The rest of the fabric is sitting in my fabric cupboard where it will probably stay forever.

I actually started this dress way before Christmas, before all my Christmas sewing got in the way. I basically finished it apart from putting in the armhole facings, partly because they were difficult and partly because I melted the facing on the iron (and proceeded to sporadically put black gunk on various things I ironed. For 2 months. It's not even difficult to clean the iron, I don't know why I didn't) and it seemed like a lot of hassle to cut out new pattern pieces.

I had to shorten the pattern, because I'm not very tall and then I had to take up the hem a little at the end too, so it would sit at the knee so it's a little wibbley. I managed to make those fancy looking pleats on the skirt inside out, but I don't think it looks bad, so I got away with it.

I really like this dress (obvs, I made it) for it's 60s office-y feel. I recon I could work at Stirling Cooper Draper Price in this bad boy.
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