Friday, 22 February 2013

A Sunday at the London transport museum

Since I'm a bit of a London transport nerd, I have been begging everyone I know for about a year to come with me to the London transport museum. Finally my cousin agree to come with me for an exciting sunday out. Although it turns out a lot more people would have been interested if I'd have mentioned they serve cocktails there. Tfl themed cocktails, no less. I had a metropolitan with a little tube logo ice cube.

For such a day out I wore quite a boyish outfit for me, with my Sonia Rykiel wool shorts and a batman sweatshirt stolen from the bf. I'm starting to get quite excited for the summer but it's still a bit chilly (read; bloody freezing) for shorts etc, so I think these wool shorts are a pretty good compromise. I got them in a charity shop in pimlico for £2.99.

It cost £15 to go into the museum, but I think you can go as many times as you like for a year. I used a paper train ticket instead of oyster for the day so I could take advantage of the 2-4-1 when you travel by train offer. I really recommend using this site if you can buy british rail tickets since the savings can be pretty big. The picture below is the long paper that changes the destination on the front of the bus.

There is currently an exhibition on of posters from the tube, since it's the underground's 150th year, which was the sort of thing I was interested in. I love the abstract tiger one for the zoo, I may actually have to go buy a print of this. The one with flamingos on is advertising what is essentially Lates at London Zoo. Can you believe they did that back in the 60s? No cocktails though, I'll bet.

I agree with the top poster advertising the tube as being warm in the winter (My favourite line in winter is the central line because it's toasty warm) but I strongly disagree with the poster saying it's cool on the tube is summer... yeah right!

 I also got the pretend to drive a bus. I think I look a bit too cheerful to be a bus driver though...

Afterwards we went to this funny little Korean cafe, the windows and walls were covered in post-it notes and there were probably about 10 seats total in there. However the food was amazing, I really recommend it, if you're ever round the back of TCR.


Jenni said...

How cute is the ice cube!?! That's awesome lol! I don't live in London but I find the stories about abandoned tube stations and the uses of the underground in the war really fascinating! I'm a big weird like that lol

Jenni x

Bows Bangles & Bakes

Nadia said...

I love them too. I've heard they occasionally do tours of abandoned stations, but they sell out really quickly, so I guess we aren't the only ones...

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