Friday, 1 February 2013

Houndstooth dress

I made this dress using burda pattern 7132. This is one of those rare patterns where I really like all the garments on the envelope, rather than buying a pattern for just one thing. I got really carried away and bought enough fabric to make 2 dresses, 2 peplum tops, 1 skirt and a jacket. So far I've made one dress. The rest of the fabric is sitting in my fabric cupboard where it will probably stay forever.

I actually started this dress way before Christmas, before all my Christmas sewing got in the way. I basically finished it apart from putting in the armhole facings, partly because they were difficult and partly because I melted the facing on the iron (and proceeded to sporadically put black gunk on various things I ironed. For 2 months. It's not even difficult to clean the iron, I don't know why I didn't) and it seemed like a lot of hassle to cut out new pattern pieces.

I had to shorten the pattern, because I'm not very tall and then I had to take up the hem a little at the end too, so it would sit at the knee so it's a little wibbley. I managed to make those fancy looking pleats on the skirt inside out, but I don't think it looks bad, so I got away with it.

I really like this dress (obvs, I made it) for it's 60s office-y feel. I recon I could work at Stirling Cooper Draper Price in this bad boy.

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Vanese said...

I cannot believe you made this lovely, amazing job! I am loving the whole dogtooth design and so wish I could make something as awesome as this! :)


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