Monday, 11 March 2013

You're so 2012

Have you ever worried about looking "last season"? I'm not talking about wearing your clothes for longer than a year (I have plenty of things that are 5+ years old and still good) or returning trends (like peplums) or even totally random stuff picked up in charity and vintage shops. I'm talking about trends that are so ubiquitous were everywhere just last summer. Specifically I'm talking about this car print from prada that exploded everywhere on the British high street last summer, from Primark to Topshop. And I loved it. But will it still be wearable this summer?

It's a very specific print. It's not bold florals or 50s style or pastel colours. It's got a very clear and instantly recognisable look. It's not a very transitional look.

As I'm sorting through my wardrobe, switching winter for summer and deciding what needs to go to the charity shop, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll feel comfortable in this print this summer. I'm not one to shy away from bold fashion choices, so why am I worried about this? I worry that people will look at me and think "last years clothes" because the print is so distinctive. I don't much care about following every single trend, knowing its more important to look good in clothes that suit you. Which makes me feel silly for even thinking this.

It lead me to another thought. This look was really big in cheaper fast fashion brands. Ones where the clothes aren't forever, just for right now. Maybe everyone else knew this would be a flash in the pan and didn't want to invest too much.

I know people will say just wear whatever makes you happy, but if I feel like I'm being judged, I won't be comfortable and that's what's most important of all. I have been asked if I'd judge someone else for wearing an old but very distinctive fashion and I don't think I would. But not everyone is just like me.

Does anyone else worry about this sort of thing? Or am I just thinking about it too much?

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Uniqlo UTs

Every summer I haven't been that impressed with this years UTs at uniqlo. Compared to last year, the selection is pretty sparse, I don't know whether that's because they have been focusing on non UT collaborations (Celia Birtwell, Orla Kiely for heat tech -which was stroke of genius, Greengata) or because it's still only march as as the spring and summer go on, more collaborations will be announced.

As you can probably tell from the above picture, my favourites are the Pixar ones from menswear. I don't tend to like wearing tees that aren't 'girl cut' but the uniqlo men's t shirts are sized quite small. My super cool Monsters Inc. tee is a size S and fits pretty good. I'm so pleased to have a Monsters Inc. tee, it's my favourite Pixar film, I'm going to wear it when I go to see the new one. I'm so excited for Monsters Inc 2, I actually had a bad dream that I was going to die before I had chance to see it (kinda like that star wars film).

Btw, I took these photos last week, before I dyed my hair pink. It hasn't washed out that fast and remains pink...

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

L'Oreal Feria Pastel Hair Dye

As you know if you follow my twitter or instagram, I've been super excited for the new range of L'Oreal Feria pastel hair dyes. I finally got my paws on some last week. I love it when you've been trying to get a specific thing for ages, then you do. I don't usually do beauty reviews, mostly because I don't really wear make up and I'm not very interested in trying the latest face creams etc. so I don't really know what I'm talking about. The two things I am interested in are painting my nail and dying my hair. So here's my first proper beauty review.

I'm less than impressed with the range of colours, only three shades, pale pink, lilac and peach. (Also the names are stupid. Pink panther? Lilac Lavender?) I haven't used the peach one but the pictures just make it look like a warm blonde colour rather than a pastel shade, so I don't think I'll be bothering with that one.

The dyes don't seem to be widely available, which I was surprised at from such a big brand. I went to my nearest big boots and despite having posters up advertising the pastel dyes, they don't actually stock them. Boots actually did order them in especially for me and it only took a couple of data for them to arrive. They were still included on the 2 L'Oreal dyes for £9 offer and I have a lot of hair so I bought two boxes.

The dyes are described as toning conditioners rather than dye and the box says they will last 3-5 washes. I will probably try and prolong the colour with some batiste.

When I opened them I was surprised that there was only one bottle, but then I thought about it and stargazer is just one bottle too. My first thoughts were what a large bottle of dye. It says it's 100 mls. It says on the bottle 'multiple use' and I started to think I might get more than one go out of the bottle.

What I did

Before I used the L'Oreal Feria Pastel, I bleached my roots since they needed doing. I used Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Absolute platinum, which I often use and I do recommend, for it's ease of use. I gave the bleach a little comb through on the rest of my hair because coloured dye sticks better to bleached hair. When I washed the bleach out I used some fairy liquid to wash my hair, since I've read that it helps to use a clarifying shampoo before dying and I've used fairy a few times instead. It can't leave build up because it doesn't have anything to leave. And if you don't like your temporary colour, it can speed up fading.

I then straight away put on the dye as a conditioner. It smelt really nice, which is unusual for hair dye. It has a thick creamy consistency but was difficult to get the pigmentation even. Some parts went on really pink, others were more white. I was worried it was going to look really uneven.

The instructions say to leave it on for 15mins if your hair was bleached more than two weeks ago and 5mins if it was done in the last 2 weeks. My hair always needs longer with the dye on it, even at the hairdressers, so I decided to disregard this and leave the dye on for 30 minutes. I then accidentally left it on for 45.

How it turned out

The colour stuck better at the roots and places where the bleach had been most concentrated and faded out to a pale pink at the tips. The colour at the roots is a lot more vibrant than shown on the box, the tips are a more similar colour. My hair is super soft, even more so when you consider that it's recently been bleached and washed with washing up liquid. I guess that's the effects of leaving a conditioner on for 45 mins.

I'm pretty pleased with the look and I would probably use the dyes again. They make a nice change from my usual bright colours and are going to look great in summer. I imagine they'd look great with a tan. I've had quite a few compliments from strangers so it's not just me who thinks it looks alright.

I will post an update on how well it washes as well as how the smart beauty pastel dyes compare.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

S/S 13 Trends on the High Street; Iridescent

I'm already starting to see the iridescent trend for spring/summer 13 showing up on the high street. Here are a few of my favourites if you want to be an early adopter....

Tops; 1. MissGuided 2. Warehouse via Asos  3. Topshop
Skirts; 4- Forever 21 5- Forever 21 6- Forever 21
Accessories; 7. Miista 8. Next  9. Gosh Holographic nail polish (it doesn't look much here but look at these swatches!)
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