Monday, 11 March 2013

You're so 2012

Have you ever worried about looking "last season"? I'm not talking about wearing your clothes for longer than a year (I have plenty of things that are 5+ years old and still good) or returning trends (like peplums) or even totally random stuff picked up in charity and vintage shops. I'm talking about trends that are so ubiquitous were everywhere just last summer. Specifically I'm talking about this car print from prada that exploded everywhere on the British high street last summer, from Primark to Topshop. And I loved it. But will it still be wearable this summer?

It's a very specific print. It's not bold florals or 50s style or pastel colours. It's got a very clear and instantly recognisable look. It's not a very transitional look.

As I'm sorting through my wardrobe, switching winter for summer and deciding what needs to go to the charity shop, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll feel comfortable in this print this summer. I'm not one to shy away from bold fashion choices, so why am I worried about this? I worry that people will look at me and think "last years clothes" because the print is so distinctive. I don't much care about following every single trend, knowing its more important to look good in clothes that suit you. Which makes me feel silly for even thinking this.

It lead me to another thought. This look was really big in cheaper fast fashion brands. Ones where the clothes aren't forever, just for right now. Maybe everyone else knew this would be a flash in the pan and didn't want to invest too much.

I know people will say just wear whatever makes you happy, but if I feel like I'm being judged, I won't be comfortable and that's what's most important of all. I have been asked if I'd judge someone else for wearing an old but very distinctive fashion and I don't think I would. But not everyone is just like me.

Does anyone else worry about this sort of thing? Or am I just thinking about it too much?

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orange dream said...

Yeah, for sure. I see some really cool clothes at Goodwill, that are obviously from a few years ago and were very on-trend in 2006, that still look good now. But because I associate them with a not-quite-vintage past, I hesitate in buying them. Ombre tops, ruched shirts...those are two that come to mind for me, on this side of the pond. I get them if I *really* love the look, and rock them. But sometimes, it just depends on how you feel that morning, wear a "has-been" because you just feel like it, you know? Rock the car print if you feel like it! I would still think it's hot :P

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