Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Diary of a Girl Who Doesn't Wear Make Up

I have a confession to make. I don't wear make up. I don't mean not ever, I wear it if I'm going somewhere nice or to a club or a party. But on a day to day basis I go bare faced. I don't understand people who consider foundation 'essential'. I don't get people who won't see people until they've 'got their face on'. * I don't get excited for the new apocalips lip gloss. I don't spend a fortune in boots. Honestly, I like not having an extra thing to worry about. I like the extra time I get in bed in the morning, the fact that I can hop into bed without taking of make up first. That I can rub my eyes when I like. My skin is mostly clear, which is good because looking at my mum and my sister, I should be prone to spots.

I'm also not very good at doing my own make up. I don't know why, but all of my life, other people have offered to do my make up for me. I don't know what it is about me that screams 'make me over', but I have had people actually beg me to do my make up. So I don't always get a chance to practice.

I do own make up. Another advantage, if you don't have to buy new stuff every month you can afford to splash out a bit. And I can do the basics.

However I started a new job recently and I wanted to have a more polished look. I've seen a few people blogging about their experiences not wearing make up. So I thought I'd write about the opposite. About actually having to put make up on.

Day One - Actually putting on make up didn't take as long as I thought. 10 minutes max. This lipstick smells a bit soapy, but is glossy and doesn't dry out my lips. I might actually be able to kick my vaseline habit. (I apply vaseline constantly. Like once an hour)
Foundation - Clinique Super Balanced Make up , Eye Shadow - Virgin Vie Set, Mascara - MAC Plush lash, Lipstick - Bourgeois 

Day Two - Putting on eye-shadow seems a bit too dressy for the day actually. I stop using it. also my face wipes are burning my skin. Swapping to using baby lotion and cotton wool.
Foundation - Clinique Super Balanced Make up, Mascara - MAC Plush lash, Lipstick - Bourgeois 

Day Three - About half way through the day I notice that there are big patches of dry flaky skin on the side of my face. They are kinda orangey from the foundation. Have to attempt to rub off the foundation in loo with a tissue. The mac lipstick is a bit more drying on my lips, but has some hard core staying power and I prefer the matte look. I might actually have to buy some more of these.
Foundation - Clinique Super Balanced Make up, Mascara - MAC Plush lash, Lipstick - MAC Pro Longwear Lip Creme Love Forever

Day Four - My skin has become kind of blotchy  I wonder if this is a conspiracy on the beauty industry's part to make me wear more make up, a bit like when people put lead on their faces which made their skin look old, so they'd put more on.
Foundation - Clinique Super Balanced Make up, Mascara - MAC Plush lash, Lipstick - MAC Pro Longwear Lip Creme Love Forever

Day Five - Switched to Bourjois healthy mix foundation. Lets hope this foundation doesn't dry out my skin. It smells soapy as well. Nope, I still got the flaky patches on my face. Cover my face in Boots aqueous cream to combat the effects.
Foundation - Bourjois healthy mix, Mascara - MAC Plush lash, Lipstick - MAC Pro Longwear Lip Creme Love Forever

Day Six - After not wearing make up over the weekend and some intense moisturizing, my face is looking a little better. Still get the orange flaky skin though from the foundation about halfway through the day. I hope no one has noticed. Another MAC lipstick, Satin Rebel this time. I like finding all my old lipsticks and actually using them.
Foundation - Bourjois healthy mix, Mascara - MAC Plush lash, Lipstick - MAC Satin Rebel

Day Seven - Wake up with the dry patches. I hope my eczema isn't coming back. I hate getting eczema on my face. Decide not to bother with foundation any more. I should find a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer. I wonder what the difference is?
Mascara - MAC Plush lash, Lipstick - MAC Satin Rebel

Day Eight - Wake up late and have to do my make up on the train. Yes, I've become one of those women. What would my mother say? Actually she does hers in traffic jams, so probably nothing.
Mascara - MAC Plush lash, Lipstick - Bourgeois 

Day Nine - Entirely forget to do make up this morning. Have to do it on the train again.
Mascara - MAC Plush lash, Lipstick - MAC Pro Longwear Lip Creme Love Forever 

Day Ten - Have decided that it's much more convenient to do my make up of the train. But just mascara and lipstick. when I figure out BB cream I'll do that at home. It looks odd to smear stuff over your face in public.
Mascara - MAC Plush lash, Lipstick - Bourgeois 

So wearing make up hasn't been so terrible and I do like looking a bit more polished.

Is anyone else out there a no make up wearer or a former no make up wearer? Or are you a make up expert and have some tips or advice for me? Do you know the difference between BB cream and tinted moisturiser  I'd love to hear your views on the whole thing, leave a comment below or tweet me @nadiacupcake

*I do understand that it's a confidence thing, a security blanket. I just can't imagine feeling that way.


Hips Like Cinderella said...

I wish I could not wear foundation. My skin is awful though! It must feel so free not to wear any! I tried superdrugs bb cream and it seemed pretty good to me! X

Nadia said...

My skin isn't great, but I feel like foundation made it worse. It was already kinda flaky. I mistly feel like im a bit of an odd one for not wearing any. I'll have to check out the superdrug bb cream.

Unknown said...

It's interesting that you found the foundation made your skin flake! I have dry skin too but I just slather on lots of moisturiser…. At the moment I wear the Max Factor Xperience foundation but I've been looking for a lighter one for summer. I think the BB creams are meant to have more nourishing properties than a moisturiser!

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