Thursday, 27 June 2013

peach shoes mint socks

Everyone I know has had to hear all about my new kitty socks, even my blog readers. But I love them just so much that now that they're here, I couldn't help but post some pictures of them. I'm really pleased with the quality of them and they arrived from Korea much sooner than I'd anticipated.

You can flip the socks up and have little tongues sticking out or flip the socks down and the cat is wearing a cute little bow tie. I change my several time throughout the day. My shoes are Bensimons, I only bought them for work but actually they are super comfy and I find myself putting them on everyday. I love the red colour, I think it's such good colour for shoes.

I didn't just get kitty socks, I also got these leopard ones and owl ones too.

My peach shoes are from Primark. I know, I know I said I was never buying shoes from Primark again especially since the plimsoles I bought last summer were rubbish. But I just couldn't resist the pretty peach colour. Whist I was in Primark I also picked up these mint sparkly frilly sock for £1.50, much cheaper than in Topshop. I think the colours look so great together.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Vintage Tuesdays; Bunty Magazine

A friend of mine was recently clearing out her mum house and she found a whole bunch of vintage magazines. Since I love vintage magazines, she lent them to me and I think they are so great that they need to be preserved by scanning them in and shared with you guys! There are quite a few so instead of boring everyone with a massive post, every tuesday I will share some scans from a vintage book or magazine.

First up is Bunty, a comic for girls with lots of stories in comic strip form. This one is from February 7th 1976.

Only the front and the back cover are printed in colour. I think the printing look like someone coloured in the picture.

On the back cover is a cut out paper doll. I'm really glad little girl Laura didn't cut out the dolls because I like seeing the illustrations of the fashions.

Finding all these old magazines almost makes me want to keep my collection of Vogue magazines, that I have been contemplating throwing away. They take up a lot of space and I don't really look at them much. But then I love looking at old magazines and seeing how things have changed. Maybe the answer is to keep a select few and give the rest away.

What do you think? Do you keep old magazines? Do you have any really old ones that someone else kept?

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tapered Peg Leg Trousers for A/W 13/14

I know that it's still early days for thinking about Autumn/Winter especially since we haven't even had much of a summer yet and it's been a while since the A/W 14 catwalk shows (we're already seeing pre-spring!) but I have been thinking about what I think will be trends next season. It's always exciting to decide what will be popular and then see if it is. My first trend I've spotted is for classic tapered 'peg legged' trousers. This is a flattering and classic style mostly done in dark colours with a lovely crease down the front. Potentially David Bowie inspired after the exhibition at the V&A, this is a great look.

Used at Celine and Chloe to counterbalance those huge top halves and to add a classic touch to the almost tacky looks at Emilio Pucci as well as in various shades of grey at Alexander Wang and Balenciaga.

What do you think? Do you like taper trousers? Do you think they will be big next season?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Things I've sewn lately

As you may or may not know, I love to sew. I mostly make clothes for myself, but lately I've been feeling like doing smaller projects. They're a bit more fun for someone as impatient as me because they are finished and ready to show off within a couple of hours. I love feeling pleased that I made something lovely myself. If you follow me on instagram (@nadiacupcake) you'll have already seen these because I'm a bit of a show off about my sewing. 

I made this for a friends birthday, it was supposed to be for her ipad but I didn't properly account for the bulkiness of the wadding and it turned out a bit too small to actually fit an ipad in. This is typical of my 'just wing it' sewing style. My quilting is a little wobbly, mostly because I'm not a perfectionist on this sort of thing but also because I don't do it much. I like to use a contrast stitch on the quilting because it looks cool and also because it looks awful when you use a colour that is similar but not quite right.

I cut the little cake motif from a piece of cake print cotton I have and bond-a-webbed it onto another piece of blue cotton. I then bond-a-webbed that onto a piece of white felt so it wouldn't be so flimsy and stitched the lace on. Then when I attached it to the bag with the machine, I went around it several times, for that shabby chic look and also to prevent fraying.

I made this cute nurse pencil case for my cousin. She is a nurse and this is for her to keep all her nurse things in. I just drew out a little nurse face, cut it out in felt and sewed it on! simples!

I'm most pleased with myself for making these knickers. I've been meaning to try my hand at knickers for quite sometime, like 2 years, but the elastic always terrified me and I could never find a good tutorial. So I finally decided to go for it and it worked out really well. I cut up an old pair of primark knickers to make the pattern and since that worked I'm thinking of cutting up some other pairs to try making different styles.

Apologies for the rubbish photos, by the time I wrote this I'd given away the presents and only had the photos I'd taken on my phone left.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Car Boot Finds

I've only recently started getting into car-boot sales. I used to go with my mum sometimes when I was younger, but until recently I hadn't been to one for ages. But a few of the blogger I follow kept posting the great things they'd found at bargain prices, which inspired me to go a check out some local car boots. So I thought I'd share what I've found and maybe inspire you to go on a bargain hunt.

I already have a pair of black watch tartan trousers, but they are getting a little bobbley because I've worn them so much. These were only £2 so I thought they would be a good buy, although trying them on under my skirt behind a car in a field was a bit embarrassing.

I love momiji dolls and I love stickers so I really couldn't not buy these for 10p.

This isn't a proper momiji doll but it is still very cute and was also 10p. I love that things are so cheap at the car boot sale. I saw a little boy get a huge toy truck for 50p and he was made up! I'd buy all my kids toys at the car boot sale since they'll only get ruined anyway. You do need to go early to get the best things (although at the end sometimes people are desperate to get rid of their stuff and will practically or literally give it away.) The bf used to laugh at me for going so early to the carboot, until I bought him the remote control dalek toy he'd been looking at on ebay for £40 for £3.

I got this Mog and the Baby book for 10p too. The illustrations of the cats exasperated face as she is harassed by the baby are fantastic. I used to love this book when I was younger and I've been reminded of it a lot recently when my cat looks at me like 'oh leave me alone please'

I've had my eye on this Cath Kidston embroidery book for quite a while now, so I was pleased to find a copy for only £1.50 since it costs £9.60 on amazon. The book is in great condition too, it looks basically new. I don't know if it's pay the £9 for it as some of the patterns are a bit basic, but  it's a nice book to have.

I love vintage books to put on my shelves, since all the books I read are on my kindle. This Christmas one is great. It was published in 1939. I'm going to scan in some of the illustrations at Christmas time to make tags for my presents.

I love the moomins and already have a couple of my mums old moomin books. This Disney book was published in 1978 and had some great pictures. All three vintage books cost £4 altogether. I also bought 6 Giles cartoon books for my family for 30p, but they aren't very pretty to look at. She was disappointed I didn't buy more but I didn't have my shopping trolley with me so I wouldn't have been able to carry them home. Me and my brothers and my sister all used to love sitting and looking at them even if we didn't really get the jokes, due to not knowing anything about politics and current events of the 70s.

Have you found any good bargains recently? I love looking at what people found, leave your links in the comments!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Frozen Bananas

I'm huge Arrested Development fan (evidenced in my twitter and instagram feeds) so naturally when the long awaited new season was announced, I was excited and decided to host a viewing party. So whist we got a stew on and had a love affair with an ice cream sandwich, the food highlight of the day for me was a bluth's frozen banana.

So since they are so delicious, easy to make and healthy-ish I'm going to share how to make them.

You will need;
Wooden Chopsticks
Milk Chocolate
Something to put on your banana, I recommend chopped hazelnuts, marshmallows or sprinkles.

Step One; Peel your banana and push a chopsick into the bottom. I use a chopstick because it is strong enough to support the weight of the banana.

Step Two; Put the banana in a freezer bag and put it in the freezer for at least 24 hours.

Step Three; Melt some milk chocolate and take your now frozen banana out of the freezer. Coat the banana in the melted chocolate and quickly before the chocolate sets sprinkle on your hazelnuts, sprinkles or marshmallows. The chocolate will set super quick because of how cold the banana is.

Step Four; Eat your yummy banana!

Monday, 3 June 2013


I've gone a little sock mad lately, maybe because I've ordered some clear shoes (I went for the more expensive ones in the end, lets see how long before they tear) or maybe because I have awful feet and like to wear socks with my sandals. Or maybe it's just that I've found some fantastic ones lately.

I've already ordered 2 pairs of these kitten socks from ebay (sorry guys I got the last pair of grey ones) and they are are sold out now, but they might restock soon. I really wanted the black ones because that's what my cat looks like, but they were already sold out, so I ordered the grey and the white and orange ones. I can't wait for them to arrive. They are coming from Korea so it might be a little while. But they are so cool and cheap, I don't mind the wait.

From the same seller, on the same listing even, there are also these super cool animal socks. I've ordered leopard and owl, but it was a tough choice, I love frog as well! Maybe another order is in store. They are all only about £1.50 each too!

These glittery ones are another ebay find, from the UK so they arrived pretty quickly. I love their pastel colours and think they'll look great with strappy heels. I ordered the blue ones but I think I'll be ordering the rest soon too. These were a bargain too at just £1.59

I love love love these digital photo print cat socks from Topshop. They are so cool and not like anything else I've seen.

I also like these pointelle ones from topshop, but my pointelle socks from primark last year got big rips in them after just one wear. They remind me of the school sock I wore when I was little. But Topshop socks are 3 for £8 so I'll probably get some.

I think that's enough talking about socks for now, who knew they were such an interesting topic. Have you seen any cool socks for me? Let me know, I'm on a sock hunt!
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