Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Car Boot Finds

I've only recently started getting into car-boot sales. I used to go with my mum sometimes when I was younger, but until recently I hadn't been to one for ages. But a few of the blogger I follow kept posting the great things they'd found at bargain prices, which inspired me to go a check out some local car boots. So I thought I'd share what I've found and maybe inspire you to go on a bargain hunt.

I already have a pair of black watch tartan trousers, but they are getting a little bobbley because I've worn them so much. These were only £2 so I thought they would be a good buy, although trying them on under my skirt behind a car in a field was a bit embarrassing.

I love momiji dolls and I love stickers so I really couldn't not buy these for 10p.

This isn't a proper momiji doll but it is still very cute and was also 10p. I love that things are so cheap at the car boot sale. I saw a little boy get a huge toy truck for 50p and he was made up! I'd buy all my kids toys at the car boot sale since they'll only get ruined anyway. You do need to go early to get the best things (although at the end sometimes people are desperate to get rid of their stuff and will practically or literally give it away.) The bf used to laugh at me for going so early to the carboot, until I bought him the remote control dalek toy he'd been looking at on ebay for £40 for £3.

I got this Mog and the Baby book for 10p too. The illustrations of the cats exasperated face as she is harassed by the baby are fantastic. I used to love this book when I was younger and I've been reminded of it a lot recently when my cat looks at me like 'oh leave me alone please'

I've had my eye on this Cath Kidston embroidery book for quite a while now, so I was pleased to find a copy for only £1.50 since it costs £9.60 on amazon. The book is in great condition too, it looks basically new. I don't know if it's pay the £9 for it as some of the patterns are a bit basic, but  it's a nice book to have.

I love vintage books to put on my shelves, since all the books I read are on my kindle. This Christmas one is great. It was published in 1939. I'm going to scan in some of the illustrations at Christmas time to make tags for my presents.

I love the moomins and already have a couple of my mums old moomin books. This Disney book was published in 1978 and had some great pictures. All three vintage books cost £4 altogether. I also bought 6 Giles cartoon books for my family for 30p, but they aren't very pretty to look at. She was disappointed I didn't buy more but I didn't have my shopping trolley with me so I wouldn't have been able to carry them home. Me and my brothers and my sister all used to love sitting and looking at them even if we didn't really get the jokes, due to not knowing anything about politics and current events of the 70s.

Have you found any good bargains recently? I love looking at what people found, leave your links in the comments!


Hips Like Cinderella said...

What car boots did you go to? You got some amazing stuff! I really want to go to a car boot but not sure if there are any near London?? X


Nadia said...

I went to one in Kingston which isn't really London, but is close enough for me to get to. I've heard the one at battersea is really good.

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