Monday, 3 June 2013


I've gone a little sock mad lately, maybe because I've ordered some clear shoes (I went for the more expensive ones in the end, lets see how long before they tear) or maybe because I have awful feet and like to wear socks with my sandals. Or maybe it's just that I've found some fantastic ones lately.

I've already ordered 2 pairs of these kitten socks from ebay (sorry guys I got the last pair of grey ones) and they are are sold out now, but they might restock soon. I really wanted the black ones because that's what my cat looks like, but they were already sold out, so I ordered the grey and the white and orange ones. I can't wait for them to arrive. They are coming from Korea so it might be a little while. But they are so cool and cheap, I don't mind the wait.

From the same seller, on the same listing even, there are also these super cool animal socks. I've ordered leopard and owl, but it was a tough choice, I love frog as well! Maybe another order is in store. They are all only about £1.50 each too!

These glittery ones are another ebay find, from the UK so they arrived pretty quickly. I love their pastel colours and think they'll look great with strappy heels. I ordered the blue ones but I think I'll be ordering the rest soon too. These were a bargain too at just £1.59

I love love love these digital photo print cat socks from Topshop. They are so cool and not like anything else I've seen.

I also like these pointelle ones from topshop, but my pointelle socks from primark last year got big rips in them after just one wear. They remind me of the school sock I wore when I was little. But Topshop socks are 3 for £8 so I'll probably get some.

I think that's enough talking about socks for now, who knew they were such an interesting topic. Have you seen any cool socks for me? Let me know, I'm on a sock hunt!


Hips Like Cinderella said...

Love the sparkly socks. Would be great to see your socks and new shoes in action on an ootd! X

Nadia said...

I'm still waiting for them to arrive from China! I'll have probably forgotten about them by the time they arrive and they'll be a nice surprise.

marthadianne. said...

do you have a link to the glitter socks? ive been looking for some for ages but are all too expensive. thank you

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