Friday, 26 July 2013

Things I found and liked

I haven't done a 'Things I found and liked' post in quite a while, so I thought I'd share a couple of things with you. First of all is the cheat code for This will only work on computers, I think, sorry ipad/iphone people. You go to and on the home page enter the classic (or konami if you're a bit more geeky than me) cheat code UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A ENTER

For those of you who've never entered a cheat code (Who didn't use the rosebud cheat on The Sims?) the directions mean you hit the corresponding arrow key on the keyboard. I totally have this cheat memorised but only because of this song...

I won't spoil what happens, but enter it more than once, it's different every time. I love this, because Vogue can be so serious, so it's good to know that they are up for a laugh and being a little bit weird. (sorry if you've already seen this on my twitter @nadiacupcake)

It wouldn't be a 'Things I found and liked' post if I didn't mention tumblr (btw you can look at my tumblr here). I'm pretty sure everyone has seen the sweatshirt tumblr, where someone photoshops photographs onto sweatshirts, but annoyingly they aren't real or anything. Well I have amazing news. They are totally real! My sister showed me, at Boxpark Shoredich, the sheer joy of Mr Gugu and Miss Go. I literally walked in and was like 'it's just like tumblr!' Izzie already has this one and I've got my eye on the burger one. The sweatshirts feel very synthetic-y and polyester-y which is a bit unpleasant but I'm willing to over look that for the awesomeness of these. It probably has to do with the printing process. However the t-shirts feel nice and cotton-y. They also do leggings. I'm currently trying to persuade my sister to get a burger jumper and fries leggings for an all out fast food look.

But wait, it gets better.... YOU CAN HAVE YOUR OWN PICTURE PRINTED ONTO A SWEATSHIRT. That's right people, all your sweatshirt based dreams are about to come true. I actually don't know what I'd put on a sweatshirt first! Probably something I'd eaten or a picture of the cat.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Skulls and bones as a classic?

The other day I noticed that skulls, skeletons and bones are a repeating theme within fashion. Maybe enough so to be considered a classic. After all they were a favourite of the late McQueen. They probably were once considered a bit bad ass, a symbol of counter culture, a rebellion. However they are becoming as ubiquitous for autumn as jewel brights are for winter and pastels for spring.

As we move forward more people want to hold on to that sense of youthful rebellion, with a grown up attitude. Our parents and even grandparents remember the rebellions of their youth and it becomes harder to shock. Watch this Elders React to Skrillex video (incidentally I recommend all the elders react and kids react videos, they're hilarious) and one lady says she's a child of the 60s, if her grand kids didn't look a bit odd to her she'd be disappointed. 

When skulls are used by art as well such as Damien Hirst is it any surprise that they are becoming a motif like putting hearts on things. The context changes when skulls are used on an expensive silk dress rather than a scruffy tee. And when we see things over and over again they loose some of their shock value. Maybe skulls were an easy go to for designers for a long time, to create shock value or to gain and maintain a 'L'Enfant terrible' reputation. And as time has gone on we have become so accustomed to seeing them, they have lost a lot of meaning. In the 50s wearing a tee shirt and jeans was the mark of a rebel and yet now its a standard uniform for many people, blue jeans and white tee, its a classic look. Hell, even Coco Chanel was once considered a fashion rebel and I'd say that no other house has produced as many 'classics' as the house of Chanel.

What do you think? Are skulls and skeleton a classic look?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Mini Trend; Skeletons and Organs

Not really a trend as such, just something I spotted at a couple of catwalk shows. It's not the first time I've seen skeletons pop up and there was a lot of skeleton stuff around last autumn. Maybe skeletons are like polka dots and they just never leave. Imagine that, skeletons considered a classic along with the LBD and crisp white shirt. 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Vintage Tuesdays: Bunty Magazine

A friend of mine was recently clearing out her mum's house and she found a whole bunch of vintage magazines. Since I love vintage magazines, she lent them to me and I think they are so great that they need to be preserved by scanning them in and shared with you guys! There are quite a few so instead of boring everyone with a massive post, every tuesday I will share some scans from a vintage book or magazine.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Ice Lolly

How hot has it been? In a typical English fashion now that its warmer I've been complaining about it being too hot. Although I am super happy I get wear all my warm weather clothes I very sensibly bought back in April. I've been working at the weekends so I've been squeezing my sunshine fun into the evenings. I really live summer in London there's such a buzz about the place.

On to my outfit...

I feel so fiftys in this outfit but not like I'm in a costume or off to an event. I did concider shortening my skirt, just by like 4 cms, because I'm a little on the short side and a few cms can make all the difference for me. But I've been told I don't look too short in it and it adds to the retro look.

I hardly ever buy plain tees, too boring, but last time I was in primark I bought a bunch. I don't know if it was the price (£4) or maybe I'm just growing up because I really wanted a plain black tee that wasn't heat-tech. I think a patterned tee would be too much with this skirt.

Also how few sprinkles are on my fab lolly? Disappointing!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Vintage Tuesdays: Womens Weekly

A friend of mine was recently clearing out her mum's house and she found a whole bunch of vintage magazines. Since I love vintage magazines, she lent them to me and I think they are so great that they need to be preserved by scanning them in and shared with you guys! There are quite a few so instead of boring everyone with a massive post, every Tuesday I will share some scans from a vintage book or magazine.

This week I've got a Women's Weekly which features 'All these lovely stoles' and an article about the queen mother. The magazine is in black and white, but it does have some lovely fashion illustration, which I'm always a big fan of. This issue is from November 9th 1957.

I love seeing adverts for products that we still have now. It can be surprising how old some things are and how they way they are advertised has changed or not changed at all. At the London Museum of Brands (which is a fun afternoon if you're a bit nerdy) I saw a 60s advert for Nutella which was touting it as super healthy for children even back then.

These old instructions could be used today, if you know what you are doing. (I don't)

This is one of the few old fashioned recipes I have ever found that I recon I could make today. Alot of them tend to have ingredients that are either called something different now or they don't make it anymore. I also think that old pictures of food look kind of unappetizing which is odd really.

I love this advert for dutch cheese and it's slogan Edam, Round like a ball. Gouda, Round like a wheel. It reminds me of on That 70's Show when Jackie worked at the cheese shop and she said 'Try the gouda it's so good-a. Try the cheddar, it's even better.' Speaking of Edam, does anyone else remember green Edam? It had green wax and herby bits in it and a garlicy flavour. I've been looking for some for ages and I can't find any where that still sells in. Even in Holland. Apparently it's made solely for export to the UK.

I like the advice on 'good grooming' and I think these customization tips could also be used today, if you fancy a 'romantic evening blouse' with a vintage feel. I doubt they make fashion tips to make you look 'fragile' anymore though.

Do you have any old magazines?

Monday, 8 July 2013

Capes for A/W 13/14

Continuing on with my predictions of trends for Autumn/Winter 13/14, this one feels particularly inappropriate considering the current weather, but I really think capes are going to break through this year. For a few seasons now there have been one of two capes popping up but I really think that A/W13/14 is going to be the year of the cape. There are so many great examples that I had to two collages. And I'm so glad. I already own two capes and I think they are a so much more glamourous than a regular coat. 

They were pretty and princessy at Valentino, Chloe and Honor, sharp and tailored at Victoria Beckham and Yamamoto, at Vivienne Westwood and Pam Hogg, as well as fluffy at Vera Wang and Moschino.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Wimbledon Tennis

I'm not hugely into the tennis, but since my sister and the boy both are, I end up watching a fair amount of it on the TV. And like most people, my favourite grand slam is Wimbledon. Because although, to me, the tennis is all the same, the pomp and tradition of Wimbledon make it something special. I love perfectly co-ordinated umpires and a refusal to have advertising. Going to see the tennis at Wimbledon is one of those things I've been meaning to do since I moved to London but have never gotten around to.

So this year I finally decided to do it and me and my sister went on the 2nd July. We didn't have tickets so we had to queue up on the morning. Another great thing about Wimbledon is that they hold back 500 tickets for each day fir people to buy in the day. I felt a bit like we were winging it and didn't entirely know what to expect so I've written a guide to my experience.

We had to get the train at 6am and were at Southfields by 6.30. Then we walked to the All England Tennis Club to begin queueing. And my god, it was the best queue process ever and I've been in quite a few queues.

Everyone talks about all the rules in place but really it just makes queueing so much easier. First of all we queued up in long lines in a field. You will be just sitting in the same spot for quite a while so you can spread out your blanket and have some picnic. Someone will come also and give you a guide to queueing and a ticket with a number on. Once you have that you can leave the queue and rejoin in the same spot, as long as someone holds your place. I didn't realise that you needed cash to buy tickets, so I had to walk back to Southfields to go to the cash point but I didn't loose my place in the queue. Once the queue starts moving we were split into 2 queues, one for people who just want grounds tickets (which means you can sit in the unreserved courts and on Murray Mound) and one for people who wanted tickets for courts  one and two and centre court. There were tickets available for all courts but since centre court tickets are £100 each, we opted for court 2 tickets at £38 each. You are given a wristband in the queue that says what you are queue for and what number you are. Then you queue for a bit more to pass through security, which was pretty standard for any event (we were telling two Americans in the queue about our escapades with security at the Olympics) and then you queue to buy tickets. All of the stewards are very friendly and helpful.

Then once you have your ticket, you're in! I think a grounds ticket is well worth it if you don't want to buy a more expensive ticket as its like being at a festival. Everyone is friendly and chatting and there's a great atmosphere. All of the foliage is green and purple and there's a really nice area to sit and have some drinks. There are over-priced souvenir shops (We bought postcards, some of which were hilarious, I chose one of all the umbrellas up in the crowd because its pissing it down.) and places to buy food and drink as well as a newsagents (?) and a pharmacy!

A word on the food, another great thing about Wimbledon is that you aren't at all discouraged from bringing your own food and drink and being forced to buy the overpriced food there. £7.50 for a cup of pimms? I don't think so! Although the strawberries and cream were not the rip off I was expecting at £2.50 for a little bowlful. Since I had been expecting a major rip off on the food front, I had packed a lovely picnic which me and my sister ate on Murray mound, watching the big screen. We both agreed that, as sad as it is to admit, this was one of those moments which was actually how we had pictured living in London to be.

I wasn't sure if Wimbledon was one of those things you were supposed to dress up for as some people on TV look really nice and others are in jeans and a tee. I opted to wear my new monsoon dress  and leopard print cardi (which deserve a post of their own) and plimsolls as I had read that comfy shoes were a must.

We went to our court, which is much smaller in real life and sat on the baseline, which my sister chose so it would look like on TV. She got very excited that she recognised the umpire from the TV (I told you she was into the tennis) I got quite into things and I got to see all my favourite things from the TV, like clapping when it goes to hawk-eye and ball children walking about in formation. 

In the afternoon play was stopped for a couple of hours due to rain, but that just meant I got to see the children in green pulling out the rain covers and putting them back again. 

All in all I had a great day and I'm definitely applying for tickets in the ballot for next year. Did you go to Wimbledon at all? Are you thinking of going next year?

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Vintage Tuesdays; Princess Annual 1966

A friend of mine was recently clearing out her mum house and she found a whole bunch of vintage magazines. Since I love vintage magazines, she lent them to me and I think they are so great that they need to be preserved by scanning them in and shared with you guys! There are quite a few so instead of boring everyone with a massive post, every tuesday I will share some scans from a vintage book or magazine.

This Princess annual has a lot of great pages to scan so I'm going divide up the scans into a couple of posts. The first one has these great pages for spotting nature, with lovely illustrations.

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