Thursday, 25 July 2013

Skulls and bones as a classic?

The other day I noticed that skulls, skeletons and bones are a repeating theme within fashion. Maybe enough so to be considered a classic. After all they were a favourite of the late McQueen. They probably were once considered a bit bad ass, a symbol of counter culture, a rebellion. However they are becoming as ubiquitous for autumn as jewel brights are for winter and pastels for spring.

As we move forward more people want to hold on to that sense of youthful rebellion, with a grown up attitude. Our parents and even grandparents remember the rebellions of their youth and it becomes harder to shock. Watch this Elders React to Skrillex video (incidentally I recommend all the elders react and kids react videos, they're hilarious) and one lady says she's a child of the 60s, if her grand kids didn't look a bit odd to her she'd be disappointed. 

When skulls are used by art as well such as Damien Hirst is it any surprise that they are becoming a motif like putting hearts on things. The context changes when skulls are used on an expensive silk dress rather than a scruffy tee. And when we see things over and over again they loose some of their shock value. Maybe skulls were an easy go to for designers for a long time, to create shock value or to gain and maintain a 'L'Enfant terrible' reputation. And as time has gone on we have become so accustomed to seeing them, they have lost a lot of meaning. In the 50s wearing a tee shirt and jeans was the mark of a rebel and yet now its a standard uniform for many people, blue jeans and white tee, its a classic look. Hell, even Coco Chanel was once considered a fashion rebel and I'd say that no other house has produced as many 'classics' as the house of Chanel.

What do you think? Are skulls and skeleton a classic look?

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Laila said...

Interesting points! I think skulls and skeletons always remind me a little bit of being an emo teenager but some of the designs you've featured are truly original (for me at least) and I can imagine some becoming classics. By the way the collages are fantastic!! XX

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