Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Vintage Tuesdays: Womens Weekly

A friend of mine was recently clearing out her mum's house and she found a whole bunch of vintage magazines. Since I love vintage magazines, she lent them to me and I think they are so great that they need to be preserved by scanning them in and shared with you guys! There are quite a few so instead of boring everyone with a massive post, every Tuesday I will share some scans from a vintage book or magazine.

This week I've got a Women's Weekly which features 'All these lovely stoles' and an article about the queen mother. The magazine is in black and white, but it does have some lovely fashion illustration, which I'm always a big fan of. This issue is from November 9th 1957.

I love seeing adverts for products that we still have now. It can be surprising how old some things are and how they way they are advertised has changed or not changed at all. At the London Museum of Brands (which is a fun afternoon if you're a bit nerdy) I saw a 60s advert for Nutella which was touting it as super healthy for children even back then.

These old instructions could be used today, if you know what you are doing. (I don't)

This is one of the few old fashioned recipes I have ever found that I recon I could make today. Alot of them tend to have ingredients that are either called something different now or they don't make it anymore. I also think that old pictures of food look kind of unappetizing which is odd really.

I love this advert for dutch cheese and it's slogan Edam, Round like a ball. Gouda, Round like a wheel. It reminds me of on That 70's Show when Jackie worked at the cheese shop and she said 'Try the gouda it's so good-a. Try the cheddar, it's even better.' Speaking of Edam, does anyone else remember green Edam? It had green wax and herby bits in it and a garlicy flavour. I've been looking for some for ages and I can't find any where that still sells in. Even in Holland. Apparently it's made solely for export to the UK.

I like the advice on 'good grooming' and I think these customization tips could also be used today, if you fancy a 'romantic evening blouse' with a vintage feel. I doubt they make fashion tips to make you look 'fragile' anymore though.

Do you have any old magazines?

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Carolyn Tay said...

SO VINTAGE ! <3 Sadly I don have any :(


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