Tuesday, 27 August 2013

High Collar coats for A/W 13/14

Another trend collage today for Autumn/Winter 13/14, big high collars on coats. I think will be quite big on the high street as it's not very extreme, practical and easily translated. This trend I think will be great in Winter, just imagine snuggling your head into a big collar on a freezing cold winters day. It sounds like I'm looking forward to winter!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Things I found and liked

I know I mentioned The Coveteur in my last Things I found and liked post, but whist I was rediscovering The Coveteur I found this video. What could be more funny than small children pretending to be high profile fashion types?

One of my favourite bloggers Kate Gabrielle has made this outfit post video. I think it's a great way of doing outfit posts and I'm currently trying to persuade the boy to help me make one. What do you guys think? Would you be interested in an outfit video?

And lastly, if you're easily creeped out, don't watch this, otherwise it's actually amazing. I've had the song stuck in my head for a week. Green is not a creative colour!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Blue 60s Dress

I spent the longest time looking for a vintage dress just like this one. Every one I found was either too big or too small or had marks on it (I hate when vintage shops sell marked or damaged clothes and think its okay because "it's vintage") or was the wrong colour. That's the problem with vintage shopping, you could find the most amazing dress but if it doesn't fit you, you can't just grab one in your size.

Anyway I got into my head that I wanted a quite plain, simple 60s style dress that was pure sixties in the cut. Something that looked like the type of thing Megan from Mad Men might wear. And after trying on what felt like hundreds of dresses, I finally found this blue St Micheal's one (and another one...) in a new (I think) vintage shop in Stockport, Peggy Mae Vintage. I wish this shop had been there when I was living in Stockport. It's deceptively big and has a really big range of stuff. And a tearoom too! I found it wandering along the underbank after visiting my favourite charity shop, St Ann's Hospice. I definitely recommend a visit to this shop too. I've never been to the vintage fair in Stockport, but I think that Stockport is becoming a bit of a vintage destination.

The label says it's made from crimpolene, which is a word I love. It also says it's for a girl that's 5'2" tall which I like.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

DIY Plimsolls

Not really a proper DIY-tutorial so much as something I did. And you could do it too! I bought a cheap pair of £3 plimsolls from Primark and a couple of edding fabric pens as well as pinching my sisters sharpies. The edding fabric pens didn't run at all and worked much better than the sharpies, well worth the investment. The sharpies kind of spread as i was using them and wouldn't be much good for anything more detailed.

I seriously recommend planning out what you want to do, I messed up 2 pairs of plimsolls by jumping in too enthusiastically and just starting to draw stuff.

And there you have it. A super cool pair of trainers for next to nothing!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Vintage Tuesdays: Princess Annual

Every other Tuesday I post one of my vintage scans, usually from a vintage book or magazine. This week I have a few more scans from the 1966 Princess Annual. 

I love the use of the phrase 'warm trews' in this.

These recipes for 60s food are quite good and don't require any products that don't actually exist anymore, which is a problem I have with a lot of old recipes.

I like this article's accusation that I might look a mess of the beach. I'm actually quite tempted to have a stab at making these shorts.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Things I Found and Liked

I actually wrote this post in February, but never got round to publishing it. I had actually forgotten about finding these things so I was like finding them new all over again! So here's what I found and liked in February.

Japanese School Buses; Gosh, I'm fast becoming such a transport nerd but, don't you wish all of our buses looked like these japanese school buses? It would certainly brighten up the morning commute. I remember reading a book about kawaii and Japanese culture and basically in Japan there isn't as much association between cartoons and childishness. 

The Coveteur profiles various fashion icons with beautiful imagery to acommany the articles. But what I like best about this website is they don't just profile the obvious Kate Moss (booooring) and Dita Von Teese. They also profile people like Barbie or mine (and suri cruise's) spirit animal Kiernan Shipka and a whole bunch of people I'd never heard of but I enjoyed reading about.

My favourites are;

She said beauty shared this super cool video from Topshop, show casing the new s/s13 nail colours. I think it's a really cool and interesting way to promote the new colours.

The caddisfly larvae build themselves protective tubes out of materials that they find in the streams they live in, such as small stones and pieces of wood. Artist Hubert Duprat creates an environment for the larvae which has gold leaf and precious stones and the caddisfly larvae build their tubes from that with beautiful results.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Regal Historical for A/W 13/14

Now that the sunny weather is starting to fade it's starting to feel a bit more appropriate to think about looks for Autumn/Winter 13/14. Another trend I have noticed is a trend for 'Historical' looks. The term 'historical' is pretty broad and covers a wide range of looks from a very Italian gold look at Dolce and Gabbana to a more Downtonesque look at Thom Browne to something more medieval at Alexander McQueen. They are all pretty regal or upper class looks, mostly i think because pre-1900s normal people clothes aren't particularly beautiful or that well recorded. I don't think this trend will particularly take off on the high street, as its not very wearable. I don't think it will transfer over the seasons either. Not one to invest in I don't think. Although that green Valentino dress is beautiful.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Kitty Cat Dress

I've been looking for a dress that suitable to go 'out' in. Something suitable for bars and clubs, but isn't too 'wintery'. Every time I have to go for an evening out I have a panic in front of my wardrobe over what to wear. You may have seen on twitter, me ranting about how people wear flat shoes out to clubs these days, everyone dresses a lot more casually. But whist I like looking a bit more casual, I still want to look dressed up, but I don't want to look slutty. And I find dancing in flats feels a bit weird. It's a fine balance to strike!

This cat skater dress is from H&M and was the bargain price of £14.99. I don't want to spend a fortune on a dress I won't wear very often! They also have a skater skirt in the same print for £12.99, but I felt for £2 extra, I might as well get a whole dress and not worry about what top to wear! I think the dress strikes the balance well.

Do you have any suggestions for what I could wear out? Do you struggle to know whats suitable too? Do you think this dress is alright to wear?

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Kimono and Five Guys

I've really been loving the trend for dungarees trend. I've been wearing them since about April, when I borrowed my sisters to see if they suited me. It's a pretty good way to try out new trend without blowing a load of cash. Anyway I really liked them and have ended up with a couple of pairs myself. These ones are from Primark. I tend to prefer to by high trend items from somewhere cheaper like Primark so you don't end up spending loads on something that you won't want to wear in a years time. My mum bought two matching pairs of dungarees from Primark so when the first pair wear out, she can wear the second pair.

I love this kimono. I think it's probably a dressing gown/pyjamas type thing but I don't really care. I bought it at the cancer research charity shop on Portabello Road. I've been looking for one for ages, but could never find one thats just right. My sister has one but won't let me have it! I wanted one that looks like the kind of thing Jessa in Girls would wear. Or at least I think so. The boy disagrees. There's a great interview with the costume designer for Girls here!

This is what I wore when I finally went to Five Guys. Everyone has been talking about it, so I couldn't wait to check it out. At Five Guys they make a burger just how you like it, a bit like subway. I really enjoyed having a burger with extra pickles! I enjoyed all the free peanuts, but the best part was the soda fountain. The website said 100+ varieties of fizz pop and I was like 'I can only name like 7'. Oh my god, there are definitely over 100 types, things I'd never heard of. I tried; vanilla sprite, grape fanta, strawberry fanta and fruit punch sprite. It's my new ambition to try them all. 

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Watermelon Nails Tutorial

You will need;
Pink or red nail polish
Green nail polish 
Black nail polish
Dotting tool (I got mine from eBay and its super useful!)
Hole punch re-enforcer stickers. 

Step One; Paint your nails a base colour of either pink or red. I used Barry M colour 305 pink flamingo and it took two coats to get a nice opaque colour. Make sure it's fully dried before step two.

Step Two; Stick on your nails the hole punch re-enforcers towards the tips. Make sure your nails are totally dry, otherwise the sticker will pull off the nail polish.

Step Three; Paint the tips of your nails green. You might need two coats. I used Miss Sporty colour 3052

Step Four; After the nail polish is mostly dry (it doesn't need to be 100% dry) peel off the stickers. 

Step Five; Using your spotting tool, add in small black spots. You could also use a sharpie. 

Step Six; Put on a clear top coat to prevent chipping. 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Uniqlo Fold Up Coat

This is my puffy fold up coat from Uniqlo. It fold up to a tiny bag about the size of a pack-a-mac with the added advantage of being warm as well as vaguely waterproof. It has been one of my best purchases. I got it a couple of months ago from the Uniqlo in Westfield for the bargain price of £19. It's last seasons print but honestly, I don't really care. It's part of Uniqlo's winter range although I think they should have it for the unpredictable British summertime. You never know when its suddenly going to be freezing. Although I haven't had much use for it lately, it's pretty good if you are going out in the day and coming home after it's gotten dark and the temperature has dropped.

I've wanted one of these coats from Uniqlo for ages, but I never wanted to get one because £70 for something that I want for sheer novelty value is a lot to spend. I always associate this kind of thing with 'fun summer adventures' and think 'if only I buy this, then I'll have all sorts of fun!', and it never happens. Last time, I got a pack a mac, it ended up being super useful. As part of my three week career as a chugger.

The other thing that always appealed to me about it, is how soft and smooth it is. I actually look like a bit of weirdo when I'm wearing it, walking about stroking my own arms. I was just never sure if I could pull off the look. It's not a particularly girly coat and it kinda reminds me of the puffa jackets I had when I was a kid.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Vintage Tuesdays; Brownie Annual

I haven't done a vintage tuesday post in a few weeks, I think that once a week was a bit too often so I'm going to switch to posting every two weeks. This week I have a copy of the Brownie Annual from 1970. I was a brownie when I was younger, but it wasn't much like this!

I found this annual in my favourite charity shop in Manchester (and one of my all time favourites) the St Ann's Hospice charity shop on the underbank in Stockport. It has a great selection on vintage clothes and accessories, books and nick-nacks as well as designer clothes (Moschino dress for £15 anyone?) and your usual charity shop selection of high street clothes, books and bits and bobs. I will do another couple posts showing the other things I got there, but if you're in south manchester area, I recommend this charity shop! I paid £2.50 for this book and they had loads of others.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Tartan for A/W 13/14

Tartan, plaid, checks, whatever you want to call it, tartan has been a big trend in the past couple of seasons. This trend is going to carry though into Autumn/Winter 13/14. And not surprising as it can be worked in so many ways; Lady-like at Moschino and Marc by Marc Jabobs, Grungy at 3.1 Philip Lim and Saint Laurent, Punky at Versace and Junya Watanabe and traditional wintery with big coats at Tommy Hilfiger and Chanel. I love this trend and I can't wait for Autumn to roll around so I can get out my tartan trousers again. Tartan is just so wintery!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Rounded Shoulder for A/W 13/14

As the sales are coming to an end, shops will soon be getting in their Autumn/Winter collections in and I'm continuing with my prediction of what will be the big trends for Autumn/Winter 13/14. The next trend I have spotted on the catwalks is for rounded shoulders. This is a move away from sharp tailored shoulders and is made with raglan sleeves and heavy weight fabrics.

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