Sunday, 11 August 2013

Kimono and Five Guys

I've really been loving the trend for dungarees trend. I've been wearing them since about April, when I borrowed my sisters to see if they suited me. It's a pretty good way to try out new trend without blowing a load of cash. Anyway I really liked them and have ended up with a couple of pairs myself. These ones are from Primark. I tend to prefer to by high trend items from somewhere cheaper like Primark so you don't end up spending loads on something that you won't want to wear in a years time. My mum bought two matching pairs of dungarees from Primark so when the first pair wear out, she can wear the second pair.

I love this kimono. I think it's probably a dressing gown/pyjamas type thing but I don't really care. I bought it at the cancer research charity shop on Portabello Road. I've been looking for one for ages, but could never find one thats just right. My sister has one but won't let me have it! I wanted one that looks like the kind of thing Jessa in Girls would wear. Or at least I think so. The boy disagrees. There's a great interview with the costume designer for Girls here!

This is what I wore when I finally went to Five Guys. Everyone has been talking about it, so I couldn't wait to check it out. At Five Guys they make a burger just how you like it, a bit like subway. I really enjoyed having a burger with extra pickles! I enjoyed all the free peanuts, but the best part was the soda fountain. The website said 100+ varieties of fizz pop and I was like 'I can only name like 7'. Oh my god, there are definitely over 100 types, things I'd never heard of. I tried; vanilla sprite, grape fanta, strawberry fanta and fruit punch sprite. It's my new ambition to try them all. 


Hips Like Cinderella said...

Love the kimono! Very Jessa. Jessa has the most amazing style- boho chic! xxx

The Style Rawr said...

OMgosh, your kimono! I have trousers from the same print but not a silky fabric. Eeep! Love it. <3

Tara xo

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